Columbus Day

Columbus Day’s Misguided, Millennial Makeover Hits Home in 2017

The history of the United States, and the world at large, has been dealt another blow by the liberally minded “social justice” crowd this week.

Somehow, mixed up in all of the hate and bigotry of the radical left’s war on reality, poor Christopher Columbus has been roped into the targeting pool for malleable millennials who gets all of their information from social media.  Where once we were dealing with angry, undereducated youngsters attempting to erase all traces of the U.S. Civil War’s Confederacy on account of supposed “racism”, these Antifa-coddling children are now training their focus on anyone that displayed any questionable thinking over the course of the last 600 years.

Cue the hate for Columbus Day, which the left has now done a thorough rebranding of starting in, you guessed it, California.

“A statue of Christopher Columbus was covered up Monday just as the first Indigenous Peoples Day in Los Angeles got underway.

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“City officials did not say they were going to cover up the statue, but Christopher Columbus monuments in other cities like New York have been defaced.

“The Los Angeles City Council voted in August to rename Columbus Day – a federal holiday for more than 80 years – to Indigenous Peoples Day, but it has until 2019 to officially create the new holiday while it drafts and creates a new ordinance.

“The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted this week to eliminate all references to Columbus Day as a county holiday, designating Oct. 12 as Italian American Heritage Day and creating a new Indigenous Peoples Day.

“Indigenous Peoples Day will fall on the second Monday of October in Los Angeles County, beginning no later than 2019.”

While there is little opposition to creating Indigenous Peoples Day or Italian American Heritage Day on their own, the loss of Columbus Day has irked a great many Americans.

What is most worrisome about this latest fad of ignoring the less-than-savory pieces of human history, and American history in particular, is that it denies future generations the head start that they deserve to build a better future.  By ignoring and censoring the past, we are providing a great disadvantage to our children and our children’s children, who will grow up in a world far less realistic than the one that we have endured.


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