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Columbus? Confederate? Destroy Them All, Say Notre Dame Students

Our nation’s liberal college campuses have become breeding grounds for social justice junkies and the radical left, with no end in sight.

As we delve deeper into this 21st century, the tenets of political correctness and “social justice” have become increasingly invasive across the country, thanks to a bizarre virtue signaling tactic by the radical left taking center stage.  By dividing Americans into smaller and smaller groups, and demanding that we segregate and recognize these groups immediately, the left has been able to stay far ahead of their political enemies in the semantics game.  This has allowed accusations of bigotry to fly, all willy nilly, in every possible direction every time someone misuses one of the 70+ pronouns that the left insists are totally real.

Furthermore, this political correctness jihad has allowed the radical left to win any argument they put their mind to by simply stating “this offends me, get rid of it”.  One of the first victims of this nonsense were Confederate memorials and monument erected after the American Civil War.

Now, they’ve moved onto Christopher Columbus, demanding that the Spanish explorer be removed from any and all accounts of American history.

And, for some of the most dense democratic dunces in America, Columbus and the Confederacy are one in the same. 

“Students at the University of Notre Dame are calling for the removal of a mural of Christopher Columbus that has been attached to the university’s main building since 1884.

“Over 340 Notre Dame community members signed a letter directed at university president Rev. John Jenkins calling for the mural’s removal. The letter condemns the murals, calling them symbols of ‘oppression and hatred.’

“'[To] any student, staff, faculty or guest who identifies with a historically oppressed group, the presence of the murals in 21st century America mocks every attempt to make campus more inclusive, more diverse and more culturally sensitive,’ the letter begins.

“’In this era of political divisiveness and a renewed rise of dangerous nationalism, it is time for Notre Dame to remove its own version of a Confederate monument. It is time for the murals to go,’ it continues.”

Despite the four century disparity between Christopher Columbus and the Confederacy, the left is convinced that the “virtues” that these two entities didn’t “signal” are identical.

The semantic gymnastics needed to make these allegations are astounding, and thoroughly demonstrate the left’s lack of historical competence.

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