Columbia Law Professor Predicts Trump Resignation Over Don Jr.’s Russian Rendezvous

The left has long sought the eradication of the Trump administration and the end of the President’s rein.  Now, one law professor believes that such a reality is on the horizon.

It has been called the “resistance”:  An overwhelming disdain for Donald Trump, and a willingness among democrats and other progressives to simply oppose the President at every possible turn.  It has quickly become a pedantic and childish affair, with the most mundane plot points in the Washington story becoming enormous bones to pick for the liberal faithful.  Much of their opposition to the fairly elected President lies within a conspiracy theory concocted by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign that incriminates Donald Trump and the Kremlin in an effort to steal the election from the democrats.

Of course, on its face, this is one absurd idea, but that hasn’t stopped the left from allowing repeated, unbearable mutations of their theory to inundate the American psyche.  Their hope, at this point, is to create such a tangled web of doubt that the President himself will be tainted by the sheer volume of accusations, rather than by any truth inherent to them.

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Now, as the latest iteration of the story involved Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer sent to him by Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, (a likely set-up), one law professor at Columbia University believes that the end is near for the President.

“Donald Trump will probably resign over a constitutional crisis caused by his son-in-law and son, a leading professor of law at Columbia University predicts.

“Philip Bobbitt describes the President’s resignation as a consequence of his family members being prosecuted as ‘the likeliest possibility.’

“Emails released by Donald Trump Jr show that he met with a Kremlin-based lawyer last summer, along with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, the Republican campaign’s then chairman.

“Trump Jr’s response to being offered compromising information about Hillary Clinton ahead of the November election was to write ‘if it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer’.

“’Whatever [Trump’s] policy goals, it has long been clear that creating a dynasty — having destroyed the two reigning political dynasties in the last campaign — is his greatest objective,’ Professor Bobbitt writes in the Evening Standard.”

One again, we are witness to a left-centric campaign to convince the nation that Trump is doomed.

With the democrats unable to truly sway the nation, given the recent conservative uprising of the American society, they must turn to propaganda and a war of perception.  By assuring us all that this will be the end of Trump’s presidency, they are hoping to create an acquiescence to the idea among voters.  It is a dirty and ugly trick that would make Joseph Goebbels proud, but is, of course, just vile enough for the democrats to fall in love with.

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