Colorado Ready to Cut Feds Out of Immigration Entirely with “Purple Card”

The liberal left’s insistence on “resistance” has become far too dangerous to ignore in 2018, yet Colorado is looking for even more avenues in which to defy the rule of law and the President.

President Trump is a populist, despite what those in the lethargic, dinosaur-like mainstream media will attempt to convince you of.  They’ll twist the tale, and rely on the antics of semantics in order to push you into a false fear of xenophobia, simply in order to demonize the Commander in Chief’s unending love for our great nation.

Trump isn’t a xenophobe, not by any stretch of the imagination, but these are the words that the left chooses to frighten us with.  Instead of declaring his “America first” focus a much needed respite from the interventionism of previous administrations, they reference obscure uses of the common phrase within tiny sects of white nationalist groups from decades prior.

In all, the left has long been out to get the President, and every single maneuver they engage in must be tempered by that reality.

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Now, the state of Colorado is looking to defy The Donald and the Americans who he represents once again, by adding another layer of confusion to the liberal process of immigration to America, readying themselves to issue “Purple Cards” to immigrants – something that would be akin to a “Green Card”, but only for The Centennial State.

“This would make Colorado the first state in the country with its own legal work permit.

“KCNC spoke with an immigrant from El Salvador, for whom potential deportation is looming after 18 years in the United States. Llani Duenes and many other El Salvador immigrants have been in the U.S. under a temporary protected status; in January the federal government announced they had until Sept. 9, 2019 to leave the country on their own or be deported.

“‘It will help me stay in this country longer,’ she said.”

And, for what reason is Colorado considering such a slap in the face to the rule of law?

“The bill’s sponsor explained why he feels Colorado needs to step in to help people like Duenes.

“‘The alternative is two-fold. One, you’re either going to be relying on the social safety net that is going to have a lot of people asking for food banks and all these other things; or you’re going to have folks who are still going to work, but just work in the black market and neither of those is acceptable policy for us in Colorado,’ Rep. Dan Pabon told KCNC.

“The man leading the purple card movement seconded Pabon.”

Many see this as simply a way for Colorado to capture some of the missing state tax revenue that comes with allowing for illegal immigrants to hold jobs within Colorado, but does nothing for the massive issue of federal income tax among these undocumented workers.

Will this move solve a problem for Colorado that the federal government solved long ago?  Or will this be yet another move in the direction of secession by a liberal locale?

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