Colorado Company Bans Advertisements That Include the Name of Jesus

The Name that is above every name has come under fire in Colorado. It seems that there is a problem with the name of Jesus being used by a pastor in Colorado Springs.

Christian News reports

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Officials in a Colorado city are reviewing the advertising policies of a local transit company after it prohibited an area pastor from using the name of Jesus in bus bench advertisements.

According to reports, Mountain Metro Transit told Lawson Perdue, pastor of Charis Christian Center in Colorado Springs that if the name of Jesus were allowed, the company would also have to accept ads considered hate speech.

So, even though the ads are in no way offensive, the ad agency has prohibited it from its ads. Why? Because it might cause others to try and use hate speech in other ads? Is this not punishing the pastor for the potential actions of others?

But it seems that the city is going to stand up for the pastor’s right to advertise as he sees fit.

Christian News continues

The city released a statement on Monday suggesting that it supports Perdue’s right to use the name of Jesus in advertisements.

“The City of Colorado Springs is carefully reviewing the advertising policies of Mountain Metro Transit in light of the advertising by Pastor Lawson Perdue of the Charis Christian Center,” it said. “The City takes First Amendment issues very seriously, and strives to fully comply with Constitutional law.”

And here is where the issue should stop. The government has shown support for the Constitution and the right of free citizens to work and spend as they see fit. But, we all know that this will not be the end of this issue.

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