Collegiate Liberal Lunacy Takes Toll on University Finances

The radical left’s invasion of America’s college campuses has taken its toll on academia in a number of surprising ways.

What began in earnest back in February at the University of California at Berkeley has spread to even the most far flung corners of American academia in recent months. The incident in question, in which a violent group of radical leftists rioted throughout campus and beyond to force the cancellation of a speech by conservative author Milo Yiannopolous, set a terrifying new precedent for the ways in which the liberal world would come to combat free speech.

The democrats have come to realize that their only hope for survival rests in indoctrinating our nation’s college-aged youth.  By getting in before the completion of their education, liberals and leftists can be easily converted from true neutral political observers between the ages of 18 and 22 – a fact that the democrats have come to rely on during elections.  That is precisely why the left spends so much time and effort to infiltrate these campuses and plant the seeds of liberalism.

Now, however, the universities who have been caught capitulating to the radical left are feeling the hurt where it affects them the most:  In their wallets.

“Both the University of Missouri and Evergreen State College have been rocked by left-wing demonstrations, some of which administrators in both schools allowed. Now both have had to deal with falling enrollment and a decline in funds – and there are fears the situation could spread to other schools.

“The defining issue is whether parents and donors see administrators as capable of containing clashes and responding firmly when protests get out of control, experts say.

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“Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a nonprofit that advocates for a variety of higher education issues, told Fox News that how a college handles freedom of expression matters greatly to prospective students, their parents and donors.

“’When they look to what college to pick, parents and students are thinking of the largest investment their family is likely to make beyond the purchase of a home,’ Pfeffer Merrill said. ‘Across the political spectrum, one of the most essential assets is [the opportunity] to be exposed to a wide range of views.’”

College was once considered a place in which our young adults would be exposed to new and sometimes uncomfortable ideas that would help them to further grasp the vast variety that they will face in the world at large.

Instead, we have seen an increasing polarization on campus, with liberal “social justice” types controlling far too much of the conversation.  This has turned our once blossoming academia into an echo chamber for the Daily Show and Young Turks, in which conservative thoughts and capitalism are shunned with surprisingly violent actions.

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