Watch These Students Happily Donate to Help “Wipe Israel Off The Map” [VIDEO]

Satirical videographer Ami Horowitz took to the campus of Oregon’s Portland State University (PSU) to document the level of ineptitude of American college students. As reported by Ericka Andersen of National Review, and by Fox News, both on May 23, 2016, Horowitz wandered the campus asking random students if they would donate a dollar or two to fund his faux charity, “American Friends for Hamas,” devoted to the BDS (Boycott, Sanction, Divest) movement against Israel.

He clarified that his organization needed to raise money for Hamas for it to conduct “operations” in Israel against hospitals, shopping centers, schools, cafés, places of worship, and other “soft targets” comprised largely of “civilian populations.” He told them plainly that their support could help Hamas not only “destroy Israel,” but also “wipe Israel off the map.”

If there was any doubt as to what was meant by “operations,” Horowitz clarified to one student that a suicide bomber is essentially “the poor man’s F-15.”

Appearing as a guest on Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s radio show, Horowitz noted that he managed to raise $300 in one hour. He also claimed that at least half of the students he spoke to offered to donate financially.

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