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College Republicans Build “Safe Space” For Liberals…Pacifiers Included

The age of the liberal crybaby is upon us, and one group of college republicans are giving the left a brutally honest critique of their whining.

While there has been plenty of carrying on emanating from the left side of American politics for decades, the latest shift to all-out pouting by young democrats has come as President Trump triumphantly rose to power nearly a year ago.

During the election of 2016, supporters of Donald Trump’s bid for the White House used chalk to write “Trump 2016” in various places around the campus of Emory University in Atlanta.  This small gesture of support for the republican candidate sparked an unkempt outrage from campus liberals, who then demanded counseling and “safe spaces” at the University where they could be “free” from this “oppression”.

It was at this moment that the nation finally understood how seriously deranged the politically correct neo-Fascists were.

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Now, as the idea of “safe spaces” and “micro aggressions” continue to “trigger” these young Americans, who are devoid of the fortitude that was once intrinsic to our nation’s population, campus republicans are suffering.  The left has attacked conservative free speech with literal riots in California, and political correctness has been weaponized into a form of thought-shaming that is akin to Nazi book burning.

That is why college republicans in Ohio are fighting back with their own “safe space”.

“A conservative group at Ohio’s Kent State protested the university’s ‘safe space’ program Thursday by dressing as babies.

“The University’s “Turning Point USA” (TPUSA) chapter, whose mission is to ‘identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited government,’ donned diapers, erected playpens and sucked on pacifiers during the demonstration.

“Numerous photos posted to social media also showed the conservatives engaged in other child-like activities such as playing with coloring books – often done in actual safe spaces by far-left students nationwide.

“Unsurprisingly, social justice warriors on campus and across the Internet were triggered by the display, accusing the conservative group of supporting hate speech for merely protesting the left’s increasingly authoritarian parameters on language.”

The silly mockery was, of course, taken far too seriously by the humor-void radical left, who believe that they are the only ones capable of free thinking and political hilarity.

In the photos posted to social media of the “safe space”, one excellent poster was seen adorning the playpen.  It read “Your Censorship Offends Me”; a statement that is quite the paradox for the political correctness-obsessed radical left that sums up the naked truth about the First Amendment in a way that should have Americans rethinking their capitulation of liberal ideologies on campus.

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