College Professor Bullies Students Who Supported Trump

Over the past few decades, liberal educators have allowed their personal liberal views to surface and affect their teaching of America’s young people.

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Personally, I had several college professors threaten me with failing grades or expulsion from their classes if I ever opened my mouth or questioned evolution. They were not about to answer any of my scientific challenges that evolution cannot answer. Rather than admit there were problems with evolution that cannot be defended, they refused to discuss it at all.

I know of one high school biology teacher who on the first day of class, asked his students who were Christians and believed in the Bible. After the Christian students raised their hands, he proceeded to tell them that they have best forget what their parents taught them about religion and that by the end of his class, they won’t be Christians any longer nor will they ever believe the Bible anymore.

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While working in a Christian creation ministry for many years, I’ve heard numerous accounts of similar attacks made by teachers on students who were Christians and believed in biblical creation. Some college professors have been so blinded by their liberalism that they have refused to grant well-earned degrees to creationist students.

Liberal educators have also allowed their liberal political views to impact their students, usually in a negative way.

During the 2012 presidential election, the ugliness of liberal bullying was made evident by some teachers. One incident involved a teacher at Charles Carroll High School in Philadelphia, when 16-year-old sophomore, Samantha Pawlucy went to school wearing a pink Romney-Ryan t-shirt. When the honor student entered her geometry class, she tried to use a permanent marker to mark over her shirt. Then the teacher told her she couldn’t wear the shirt in an Obama school. Next the teacher ordered her to take shirt off and that she would give her another shirt to wear. All of this was done in front of the rest of the classroom of students. During the entire incident, the teacher continually berated Pawlucy about wearing the Romney-Ryan shirt. As the teacher continued to verbally attack her, some of the other students in the class and even a school janitor joined in the harassment. After the incident, which Pawlucy described as humiliating and embarrassing, she was too afraid to return to the same school.

More recently, Professor Olga Perez Stable Cox verbally assaulted and bullied students who supported Donald Trump. Cox teaches human sexuality at Orange Coast Community College in Costa Mesa, California, about 20-25 miles south, southwest of downtown Los Angeles. Even though Costa Mesa is considered part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, the city is part of California’s 48th congressional district which is currently represented in Congress by Republican Dana Rohrabacher.

However, Cox is obviously not a Republican and most likely didn’t vote for Rohrabacher or Donald Trump. In one of her classes, she asked the students who supported Trump to stand. When no one stood up, she called them cowards. Then she went on with what has been described as an ‘insanely offensive’ rant against Trump and those students who supported him.

Cox told her class the election of Donald Trump ‘assaulted’ Americans, it was an ‘act of terrorism’ and ‘the leaders of the assault are among us’ referring to the students who supported Trump. One of the students videoed the tirade and then it was posted on Facebook by the College Republicans. Upon discovering the video posted to Facebook, the teachers’ union threatened to take legal action against the student who videoed the tirade.

The College Republicans filed a formal complaint against the professor with the help of attorney Shawn Steel, who volunteered to help them. Steel commented about the professor saying:

“She’s using her power as a teacher who gives grades, with a captive audience, to basically scare and shame students. It’s alarming. It’s scare-mongering. It’s irrational. It’s a rant. And it doesn’t belong in the classroom.”

“The unions are acting like thugs, like bullies themselves. Every student knows it. If you stand up to your professor, 90 percent of the time the professor’s going to punish you.”

Sadly, there seems to be a growing number of incidents where liberal teachers and professors are trying to undermine the beliefs and rights of students in the attempt to persuade them to accept the same distorted liberal views. That’s not the role of a teacher or professor. It’s called brainwashing and should not be tolerated by any student, parent college or school district.


Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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