College Professor Bans the Use of the term “Illegal Immigrant” on Final Exam!

Folks this one is going to make me find a “safe space” away from the PC Police running University of Southern California, well at least running one American Studies class; Professor Alicia Chávez’s “America, the Frontier and the New West.” Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reports that Jolie Chea, a teacher’s assistant for Professor Alicia Chávez sent an email for the professor (who either can’t use email or didn’t have the guts to send out this idiotic notice herself) warning the student’s not to use the term illegal immigrant on the final exam.

The email said:

“Hi everyone, one last message from me this semester. On your final exams, please refrain from using the term ‘illegal immigrant’ to refer to human beings — as Professor Chavez has requested (or mandated). Instead, please use ‘undocumented immigrant’ or ‘unauthorized entry’ to describe folks’ status or how they may have arrived in the U.S.”


The Fix received a copy of the email from a student by a student in the class who asked to remain anonymous out of fear that Professor Chavez would lower her grade feeling that transparency isn’t politically correct, or that Chavez feels it’s okay for her to bully students with her PC nonsense but God-forbid the public finds out about it.

…the student said they felt the admonishment against using the wording was a violation of their First Amendment rights and, what’s more, forbids them from using a legal term also employed by the courts. But the student said they will avoid using the term so as to not derail their grade.

The student said they are not surprised by the request to not use the term “illegal immigrant” because “the entire class has been anti-American values, anti-Constitution, anti-Declaration of Independence, anti-Bible, anti-Trump.”

“The entire class is, ‘How can we make things more equal,’” the student said. “They peddle this socialist sort of economic idea when they look at equality in the United States, and they peddle it through race.”


On cannot be surprised at the latest example of American university liberal PC culture…

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