Black History Month

College Labeled “Racist” After Serving “Black History” Menu in Dining Hall

One of the most incredible pieces of American hypocrisy has long dwelled on the left side of politics, thanks to the incessant need for political correctness in liberal circles.

There are few same Americans left who can wholly argue for the continued installation of cultural speed bumps in this day and age, having long exposed the concept of political correctness as nothing more than a liberal ploy to control the language of our nation.  The idea is that, by completely flipping the table on what’s appropriate to say or do, the left can then take control of society as a whole.

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This has played out extremely well for liberals in the case of the LGBTQ and transgender movements, for which there is an ever-rotating carousel of terms, monikers, titles, and verbiage that can be used to single out those who are not subscribed to the leftist thought-regime.  Forget the “Q” at the end of “LGBTQ”?  You must be an ignorant hillbilly.  Do you not know the meanings of the pronouns “ze”, “zir”, and “zim”?  What kind of monster are you?!

But then, at the height this nonsensical reconstruction of gender roles and the language surrounding them, the pantheon of progressive school, New York University, decides to host a Black History Month meal in their dining halls that includes watermelon, Kool Aid, and collard greens.

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“New York University served up a ‘Black History Month’ meal at one of its dining halls — complete with watermelon-flavored water and collard greens — and had to apologize when students called the school out for playing into racist stereotypes.

“College of Arts and Science sophomore Nia Harris wrote on Facebook she was shocked to learn what was on the menu Tuesday at the Weinstein Passport Dining Hall on University Place.

“’This is what it’s like to be a black student at New York University…’ she wrote. ‘In 2018, I literally had to explain why displaying watermelon and koolaid in celebration of Black History Month was not only racially insensitive but just ignorant.’

“’If you want to learn how to celebrate Black history and culture during this month you can ask the black students at this school instead of patronizing us with Koolaid, watermelon and ribs,’ she wrote.”

The school, of course, passed the buck onto Aramark, the dining contractor used at the university.

Regardless of our feelings on the weaponization of political correctness in 2018, there is no question that New York University has made a dire and deplorable error in their choice here.  Their offense went far beyond the celebratory nature of Black History Month, and, instead, pushed juvenile racist stereotypes on the young millennial minds of NYU.

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