New Fascism

College Campuses Continue Demonstrations of Dissent Against Government

There is a violent new leftist movement sweeping our nation in recent months, with its most succinct iterations occurring on college campuses.

The reasoning here is as simple as it is nefarious:  Malleable millennials, who have been raised on YouTube and cable news, are easy targets for the New Fascist movement of the left.  These young people, who are open-minded to a fault, can be quickly converted to whatever the cause du jour is due to their yet-undeveloped attention spans and general lack of knowledge of historical political precedents.

In no way is this meant as an insult to those who will determine our nation’s future.  It is, instead, a simple fact.  With time comes experience, with experience comes healthy skepticism, and with skepticism your formed opinions carry some actual weight.

The New Fascists of the democratic party know this, they always have, and are focusing their efforts at getting in on the ground level of millennials first free-formed opinions.  They are doing this by fomenting dissent at the college level, in places such as the University of Wisconsin.

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“The University of Wisconsin, Madison has debuted an anti-Trump art show and sale that includes exhibits that depict everything from a bleak sky to a woman being penetrated by an oil pipeline.

“The Wisconsin Union Directorate Art Committee is displaying the art show, entitled ‘First 100 Days,’ from Saturday, April 29 to Wednesday, May 24.

“’Artists from all political backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to submit a work for consideration,’ noted the committee, but the MacIver Institute exclusively described projects that depict President Trump’s first 100 days in a negative light.

“’Here we have a somewhat crude portrait of Donald Trump,’  Mike Lind, a student at UW, in his portrait’s description,told MacIver Institute. ‘The surface is thin, crusty, orange, smudged, and frankly, disgusting. In fact, the painting appears to be all surface – this portrait has very little depth or intelligence, it’s just a façade. Overall, it’s a pitiful, embarrassing excuse for a painting.’

“Lind is asking for $74 for his painting.”

While expression, free speech, and art all live under the warm roof of the First Amendment, what is happening on campuses such as Wisconsin’s is more about the propaganda-like effects of these school sponsored programs.  The communal atmosphere of liberal hate has created an echo-chamber of anti-Trump, anti-American sentiment that could certainly manifest itself in violence and hatred.

We need look no further that the University of California at Berkeley to witness just how dire this situation can become.  Whereas students in Wisconsin have a very specific target, the President, New Fascist students in California have declared war on all of conservatism.  Their violent rioting, aimed at censoring right-leaning free speech on campus, are indicative of a much more egregious issue facing our nation’s future politicians.

The University of Wisconsin ought to consider UC Berkeley’s serious affront to the Constitution before continuing to push these sorts of events.

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