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This College Campus Has Turned Itself Into a Cult Compound

Thanks to student protesters this college is now a cult compound where students will be brainwashed or marginalized.

A cult compound is a risky venture from a purely economic standpoint. Colleges are in trouble because they are too expensive and students are getting wise to what a huge debt-burden will do to their lives.

Yet that is exactly what the University of Missouri has become in response to student protestors. According to Campus Reform,

Still reeling from last year’s student protests, the University of Missouri took action this week on two more diversity demands, hiring a chief diversity officer and requiring students to complete diversity-themed courses.

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The College of Arts and Science at Mizzou announced Wednesday that undergraduates will now have to complete three credit-hours of “diversity intensive” (DI) courses in order to graduate, saying the courses will focus on “understanding differing social groups” and “will explore at least one form of social inequality, broadly defined.”

The new “Chief Diversity Officer” is getting paid over a quarter million dollars. His full title is “Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer.”

The College of Arts and Science accounts for over half of Mizzou students. Campus Reform says that over ten thousand students are enrolled there—though some are graduate students who won’t have the requirements imposed on them, yet.

So now a state school has made itself even more useless. Students will not get a better education. No matter what a person’s race is, no one is going to become a better engineer, or computer programmer, or doctor by completing three hours of a “diversity intensive” course.

These courses are notorious for being platforms for attacking the conservative values of students and pushing a Marxist agenda. When these courses were elective, conservatives could decide to avoid them and prevent a great deal of suffering. But now such courses are required at Mizzou. The students that refuse to be brainwashed will be made to feel very uncomfortable.

Hopefully, colleges that decide to transform themselves into cult compounds will be the first to go out of business.

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