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Colin Kaepernick’s Antics Are Ruining His Free Agency, And Rightfully So


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As the American experience continues to evolve, we are experiencing a disturbing trend of defiance against the brave men and women of our police forces.

The hate and bigotry that began within the radicalized Black Lives Matter terror organization has quickly spread throughout the leftist ranks, transforming what were once mindless ramblings regarding police into hateful, violent action.  While many Americans were hoping and praying that the tragic murder of 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas would be the end of the senseless war on police, the left continued to escalate their hate in the wake of the massacre.

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Then, much to the dismay of sensible Americans everywhere, celebrities began to involve themselves in the “movement”.  One particularly loud voice in all of this was Colin Kaepernick, the 2nd-rate quarterback for the San Francisco 49er’s who began kneeling during the National Anthem and wearing clothing that depicted police officers as pigs.

Kaepernick’s ridiculous antics are catching up with him, however, now that free agency has begun in the NFL.

“The days of Kaepernick’s NFL story look to be coming to a screeching halt after leading the league last year, not in wins, but in disgrace. He began the movement of black athletes kneeling for the national anthem and today he’s telling his future suitors that he will stand for the national anthem, but the phone isn’t ringing.

“When free the agency began last Thursday, NFL teams have been in a hurry to snat up all of the great free agents. Even former lackluster Chicago Bear’s quarterback, Jay Cutler got a call from the Jets but not a single team is showing interest in disrespectful Kaepernick who once led his team to the Superbowl, NBC Sports reports.

“In the time since he began his sickening sideline antics, President Trump was elected and stood behind citizens who were fed up with these anti-American ‘games.’ The spirit of our country that had begun to grow dim under former president Barack Obama is now shining bright once again, thanks to having a real leader in the White House.”

Kaepernick’s abysmal career outlook is just what many Americans were hoping for the NFL’s most hated man.  The league itself could be content with Kaepernick disappearing as well, given that their refusal to discipline players who disrespected the National Anthem may have contributed to their godawful ratings this past season.

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