Colin Kaepernick News Cycle Shows No mercy for this Fired Female Athlete.

Colin Kaepernick news never ends.  Ugh!!

The more Colin Kaepernick news there is, it seems like the media regurgitates it like dogs returning to their vomit. Therefore, they make Colin a hero. Consequently, the Colin Kaepernick news cycle creates a narrative.  The media eats it up. Unfortunately, that narrative is a “hate America” narrative. The Media despises America and its founding. Marxist Media hacks join the “Hate America!” chorus until our ears bleed and our sensibilities are shot. In conclusion, as long as Kaepernick is trashing America, he gets high praise from the media. Solo Hope’s treatment is very different.

Solo Hope news and Colin Kaepernick news are handled very differently.

Therefore, you need to understand that Colin gets high praise because he’s trashing America. Solo is served scorn from the media.  First of all, they hate that she’s trashing a foreign socialist country. Solo’s situation doesn’t fit into the narrative. Sinful Solo Hope has a Scarlet letter tied around her neck.  Solo dares to trash the socialist utopia of Switzerland.  She mowed 100 adorable kittens down with a machine gun in their minds. Here’s details on Solo Hope’s so called “Xenophobic rant”. 

The U.S. Soccer Federation suspended and terminated the 35-year-old’s contract for calling the Swedish women’s soccer team “a bunch of cowards”.  This happened after the Americans were bounced out of the Olympics in the quarterfinals.

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“I said it was a cowardly way to play and I’ve been killed in the media,” Solo said.

But Rich Nichols of the U.S. Women’s National Team Players Association said it’s a “larger issue than Hope.”

“It’s an issue that impacts this entire team,” Nichols said. “Essentially, U.S. Soccer is telling the team that, you know, we can control what you have to say. If we don’t like what you have to say, we can fire you.”

Solo is no stranger to controversy. In 2015, she received a 30-day suspension for her behavior during a drunk driving incident involving her husband. A year earlier, Solo was arrested for allegedly assaulting two family members.

What a load of crap this is.

The Colin Kaepernick news cycle insulates him.  The news surrounding Solo Hope suffocates her.

First of all, the Olympics are corrupt just like the media. As a result, they are inconsistent. Hence, U.S. Soccer will not show Solo the same sympathy like the soft touch to others. Most Noteworthy, others get off the hook for less. Michael Phelps’ drug problem disappears without retribution. Probably, Ryan Lochte’s run-in with Rio finally vanishes.

Solo Hope’s sin of Xenophobia to Switzerland will not stand.

They do whatever it takes to sink Solo. Termination is just the beginning. Solo’s Pink Slip comes with all the other problems she’s had.  Therefore, they drop the drunk driving incident and alleged assault like a 50 pound brick on Solo Hope’s head. Furthermore, if U.S. Soccer is accused of caving to the media narrative, they lump in all the other past dirt on Solo Hope. In conclusion, these athletes are not held to the same standard. Rather practice fairness, judgement begins and ends at the spear tip of political correctness.

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