Stephen Colbert

Colbert Lets Slip His Intentions for Emmy’s – Liberals Are Jumping for Joy

Hollywood and its award shows have become inexorably and inexcusably political in modern society, and tonight’s Emmy Awards are not likely to provide reprieve.

Infamous moments from the likes of George Clooney and Meryl Streep immediately come to mind, as well as the ranting and rambling of newcomers to the political scene like Leonardo DiCaprio and his penchant for the global warming hoax.  They say that “all the word’s a stage”, but these democratic shills have taken the concept to the hilt.

Americans are increasingly annoyed by political theater invading entertainment, whether it is Hollywood, the small screen, or sports.  We The People are much more interested in having those in the public spotlight stick to their professed profession, rather than indoctrinating the unwise and the young with their celebrity leftism.

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Now, as notorious Trump-hater Stephen Colbert prepares to host the Emmy Awards tonight, Americans are ready to tune out in order to avoid the pundit’s pedantic and pathetic insults aimed at the White House.

“2017 Primetime Emmy Awards host Stephen Colbert couldn’t be more clear about his intentions prior to the Sunday broadcast of the awards show if he wrote them on billboards across America.

“There will be plenty bashing of President Donald Trump.

“Bottom line, Trump supporters: consider yourselves forewarned — straight from the horse’s mouth — as reported by Variety.

“Colbert claims the show won’t be a ‘political monologue’ (wink-wink):

“’We are storytellers. The story we are telling is what happened on television this year.’

“‘It’s not a political monologue, but you can’t keep politics out of it, because politics was the biggest TV story this year. […] The TV star of the year is Donald Trump.’”

Supporters of the President had a wide variety of emotions about the possibility of Hollywood coming together to undermine our nation’s top office.

Many Americans are supporting the idea of a boycott for the long-running program, while others are hoping to take a more direct approach by hijacking “#Emmys” on Twitter and Instagram.  Instead of directly bashing Colbert and the program, there are a great many suggesting that the hashtag be used to disseminate so-called “Red Pill” information that would help to enlighten those on the left who have been obliviously following the democrats into a deep, dark pit of despair and hatred.


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