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Colbert Continues Tirades Against Trump With EVEN MORE Profanity

Stephen Colbert had previously been one of the more eloquent court jesters serving at the hand of the democrats.

Sure, he had a bevy of disagreeable opinions and he often resorted to absurdity to push the liberal agenda, but he was certainly one of the more civilized performers on the leftist stage.  That, unfortunately, is no longer.

Colbert, like many of his progressive cohorts, has resorted to gutter-dwelling, mudslinging attacks against our President over the course of the first 9 months of Trump’s time in office.  Unleashed by his newfound fame on network television, the Daily Show alumnus has been steadily increasing the ferocity of his attacks against the Commander in Chief, often slipping into crude and hateful territory.  Just weeks ago, Colbert even mimicked a Nazi salute several times in order to erroneously equate Donald Trump with Adolph Hitler.

Now, during a special appearance in the Broadway show of fellow leftist goon Michael Moore, Colbert unleashed yet another profane and unacceptable assessment of the leader of the free world.

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“Stephen Colbert used a harsh profanity to describe President Trump on Wednesday during an appearance on stage at Michael Moore’s one-man Broadway play, ‘The Terms of My Surrender.’

“Mr. Colbert, the host of ‘The Late Show’ on CBS, was one of the special guests whom Mr. Moore regularly invites to take part in the production. As the two men sat in armchairs with a large American flag illuminated in the background, Mr. Moore asked Mr. Colbert at one point, ‘How do you carry on now?’ — a reference to the liberal late-night host’s approach to the Trump presidency.

“Mr. Moore added, ‘Your ability to use satire and humor to say the emperor has no clothes is profound every single night.’

“Laugh through the fear, Mr. Colbert replied.

“’Trump keeps summoning monsters of abstraction — things that aren’t real — they’re extensions of the ordinary, fears that you have that he plays on,’ Mr. Colbert said.

“’He wants to brush people into a corner where he can shine his feeble, f****ng anemic firefly of a soul,’ Mr. Colbert continued, inching his two pointer fingers close together.”

Colbert’s downward spiral into obscenity has been on display for months, as the left grows ever more infuriated with the success that the Trump administration has been tallying up.

Now, as the nation hangs on the precipice of a political Civil War, clowns such as Colbert will likely be looked upon to lead the discussion by the malleable millennials who virtually worship the cult of celebrity.  The line between entertainment and reality has been purposefully blurred by personalities such as Colbert, Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper, and others in order to further their impact on the latest generation of leftist lunatics.

Colbert’s propaganda continues to fester in the minds of these young Americans, leading many to believe that a reckoning will soon arrive for their entire generation.

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