CNN’s Jake Tapper Demolishes Bernie Sanders and Single Payer Healthcare

“Let’s talk about Single payer because it was attempted in your home state of Vermont and it didn’t work because  they couldn’t get the funding because it would be too expensive the Democratic Governor said. Recently  it failed in California as well, Democrats again not able to come up with a way to pay for it. These are ‘cobalt-blue’ states, Vermont and California, where people wanted single payer and there were problems because it would cost too much. How do you make it national if you can’t even get it in Vermont and California?”

It’s easy to forget with all of the Trump-bashing that happens at CNN these days, but not too long ago, Jake Tapper was one of the few journalists holding the Obama administration’s feet to the fire for their various and sundry crimes.

Now, the GOP runs Congress and a Republican sits ensconced in the White House, and Tapper spends most of his time hammering Republicans. This is technically what we want from the media, but it doesn’t feel good when we’re the focus of the attacks.

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Thankfully, Tapper took a break from his Trump attacks over the weekend and spent some time dismantling socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and the liberal love affair with so-called “single-payer” healthcare.

Single payer means that the government pays for everyone’s healthcare needs. How? They tax the crap out of the taxpaying citizens and then funnel that money back into the healthcare system.

The problem with this methodology is that the taxes have to be insanely high, ON EVERYONE (not just rich people) for it to work. INSANELY HIGH.

How high is insanely high? Well, the uber-liberal states of California and Vermont have both had a chance to pass single payer healthcare in recent days… but when liberal leaders looked at the price tag (how high taxes would have to go up) they vetoed the idea and scuttled single payer.

Watch as Tapper unmasks single-payer as being an unfeasible and incredibly stupid idea, and as Bernie bumbles and stumbles his way through a terrible defense of the bad idea.

Sanders defense of single-payer is simply ridiculous. He conflates what healthcare providers do with what the insurance companies do, he seems confused about how the costs of such a plan would be conferred, and while single-payer healthcare might end up being cheaper for some Americans, it will end up being far more expensive for most, as the governments in California and Vermont have just learned.


Onan Coca

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