CNN’s Jake Tapper Defends President Trump in Shock Report

In what may be the very best 3 minutes of CNN airtime from all of 2017, Jake Tapper just dressed down the United Nations for their hypocritical condemnation of President Trump’s decision to move our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

It was truly spectacular and Tapper should be hearing applause from both sides of the aisle on this.

In particular he points to Venezuela, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Myanmar, and China for all choosing to loudly condemn the move as an impediment to the “peace” process, while all of their nation’s contribute to the violent turmoil our world currently finds itself in.

In the last minute or so, Tapper turns the light on the United Nations at large, pointing out that from 2012 – 2015 the UN passed 97 resolutions condemning an individual nation for some bit of bad behavior. Unbelievably, 83 of those resolutions (or 86%) were targeted at Israel. Remember, Israel is the only Western democracy in the Middle East. Israel is a place where Jews, Christians, and Muslims (as well as many other religions) live under the same rule of law and enjoy the same rights no matter their heritage.

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The resolutions themselves are proof-positive of the inherent, and vile bias against Israel at the UN.

It’s a bit of brilliant and insightful commentary, such as we haven’t seen on CNN in quite a while.

Watch and enjoy:

The Internet was very happy to hear CNN and Tapper taking the UN to task.

  1. Three thousand years of beautiful tradition.. 

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