CNN’s Don Lemon Finally Snaps and Crosses A Line With POTUS

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We’ve sadly come to expect that the news we ingest via the mainstream media is inherently flawed to some extent, simply due to the rampant and undeniable liberal bias that we encounter every day.

The left has long held the strings of the media through the checkbook of advertisers who fuel these entertainment establishments.  These advertisers need Americans to want something new at all times, as a way to keep the economy humming along and their wealth accruing.  By pushing us into progressive politics, the need to purchase solar panels for your new roof is soon to be law in California.  The people who make solar panels and their components are undoubtedly connected with the industries whose smaller corporations funnel a percentage of their money back into advertising in order to sell you something again in the future.

Your consumption pays the guys who make your current state of affairs obsolete through trend-gerrymandering and the media’s portrayal of wealth, class, and success.  It’s a cycle that has corrupted the way Americans get their news.

Now, as we’ve seen throughout the last two years, the mainstream media is fully invested in dethroning Donald Trump from his elected position as POTUS, cooking up a number of harebrained conspiracy theories in attempts to discredit the successful real estate developer turned citizen President.

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One such theory is that Donald Trump is a bigot of the highest order who hates immigrants, (even though he’s married two of them).  Don Lemon of CNN is no stranger to this idea, and he finally found a way to exploit the current situation with Roseanne Barr in order to call the President of The United States the R word.

CNN anchor Don Lemon used ABC’s cancellation of Roseanne on Tuesday to blast President Donald Trump as a “racist” who traffics in the same type of racism as Roseanne.

ABC cancelled the show on Tuesday hours after Roseanne Barr tweeted that former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was a product of the Planet of the Apes and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“This is racist… she is racist… there is no other way to put it,” Lemon said. “The president traffics in racism as well… and I have said that I believe he is a racist… because he traffics in the same thing.”

Lemon said Roseanne was “part of the normalization of conspiracy theories and everyday racism” and accused the millions of Americans who watched the show of buying into her “racism,” “bigotry,” and “homophobia.”

Keep it classy, Donny Boy.

This is the sort of political chicanery that radicalized men such as James T. Hodgkinson to attempt the murder of the GOP charity baseball team last year, and CNN should be far more careful than they are while trafficking in this sort of hatred.

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