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CNN Weighs in on Alabama Senate Race with Unethical New Attack

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There has been no shortage of abhorrent behavior by the mainstream media in the wake of America’s recent conservative awakening.

Media outlets such as CNN, the New York Times, and ABC have all been aiming for the jugular when it comes to the right wing of American politics, thanks in no small part to the rampant success of unconventional Commander in Chief Donald Trump.  News coverage on the “major” networks has been overwhelmingly negative, with studies being conducted nearly weekly to verify that what we’re seeing with the biased outlook is likely unprecedented.  

As such, it comes as no surprise that the hotly contested Alabama Senate race between establishment shill Luther Strange and conservative icon Judge Roy Moore would receive an inordinate amount of negative mainstream attention as well.

In one of the most egregious and unethical pieces of blatant political nonsense this week, CNN has taken the fight to Moore’s wife over a two-year old Facebook post that was somehow linked to Moore via liberal logic.

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“In the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign, the leftwing cable news network CNN famously declared that the many sins of former-president Bill Clinton, spouse of then-Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton, were off limits. CNN even went so far as to cut the microphone of a guest who brought the former president up. Today, this very same CNN is targeting the wife of Alabama US senate candidate Judge Roy Moore.

“Some 15 years ago, the Republican Moore founded an organization called The Foundation for Moral Law. Nearly two years ago, on its Facebook page, the organization shared a video that suggested former-president Barack Obama is a closet Muslim.

“When asked about the video, Moore told CNN that he ‘had not worked at the foundation for years, but said that the video did not reflect his personal views.’

“Because that answer is a good one that will put the issue to rest, and although she is not running for public office, CNN then asked Moore if the video ‘reflected his wife’s views.’ Moore said that he cannot speak for others.

“CNN then goaded Moore further by asking if his wife Kayla — who currently serves as president of the foundation and who shared the video on her personal Facebook page — would like to comment. Moore called the whole thing ‘ridiculous’ and directed CNN to his campaign chair.”

Once again, the integrity of the “journalists” at these so-called “news” networks has become laughable at best, amoral at worst.

By bringing Moore’s wife into the political fray in this desperate stunt, CNN has admitted that they have no interest in being an objective observer in the Alabama senate race.  Their fear, as is the fear of most mainstream news sources and establishment politicos, is that Judge Roy Moore will sweep into Washington and continue the wholesale dismantling of the D.C. elite as outline by Donald Trump.


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