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CNN Uses North Korea Summit As Excuse to Talk About Impeachment…Again

The tongue in cheek jokes about the left’s “Trump Derangement Syndrome” were somewhat hilarious, at least in their infancy.  Now, however, the reality of the situation has many Americans wondering if the joke is a little too on the nose.

The election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton was a jarring, painful experience for the liberal left.  They immediately found themselves simultaneously experiencing all of the stages of grief at once, with Hillary-ites openly sobbing during the time in which their poor sport progressive candidate should have been making a concession speech.  Then there was anger, hatred, vitriol, and abject despair…my favorite of all to highlight.

Liberals shouting
Only because it allows me to use my favorite photograph of all time.

Now, it seems that the derangement is all too real in 2018, with a bevy of bizarre behavior making up the democratic demagoguery in 2018.  The latest nonsensical, non sequitur narrative comes to us from from CNN, (of course), who today suggested that President Trump’s incredible peace summit with North Korea would be grounds for impeachment if he were a democrat.

Tuesday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” network chief political correspondent Dana Bash suggested there is a double standard to the extent there would be a call for impeachment a Democratic president engaging in the style of diplomacy in which Trump has engaged with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

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Bash said voices on the right would be “going ballistic.”

“Look, and the fact he’s basically admitting what Chuck Schumer said in much more colorful language, which is that Democrats would be — there would be a call for impeachment, and it would be the worst thing in the world if a Democratic president not just sat down, but gave all the pomp and circumstance that this sort of diplomatic bells and whistles that President Trump gave to Kim — not just rhetorically, but the flag placed on equal footing to the American flag, things like that,” she said.

Perhaps these avowed leftists have forgotten just how many times they’ve already called for the impeachment of Donald Trump?  Or perhaps they’ve already forgotten about the attempted assassination of candidate Trump in Las Vegas that they attempted to bury in the media?

Or, maybe, CNN is finally realizing that they need only continue their nonsense at a high enough volume to lure in advertisers to keep the paychecks from bouncing.

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