CNN Talking Head Claims You Have “No Right to Be Anonymous”

Liberals haven’t had much respect for personal privacy in recent years, but this latest statement by a CNN analyst is absolutely dumbfounding.

In our modern world, rife with cybercrime and identity theft, anonymity is a highly valued commodity.  With so many of us trusting corporations with sensitive information regarding on a regular basis, the ability to mask our identities has become a booming business via the internet.  Every time that you’re typing your last 4 digits of your Social Security number into a form on a website, that information could be compromised.  With that, your birthday, and some light Googling, the most adept cybercriminals can easily wreak havoc on your credit rating…or worse.

That is precisely why our abilities to not be constantly monitored or tracked by any entity is highly important.  Our ability to ensure our own privacy is part and parcel to our ability to keep ourselves and our families safe.

And that is why what one CNN analyst has said on Twitter this week has Americans scratching their heads.

“CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers claimed on Twitter Thursday that Americans ‘do not have a right to stay anonymous’ if they are expressing views she finds offensive.

“Powers was responding to the uproar surrounding CNN’s report on the Reddit user believed to be responsible for the famous WWE meme of President Trump body-slamming the network’s logo. The CNN article included a line that many took as a threat to reveal the meme maker’s name if he doesn’t comply with the outlet’s demands.

“The CNN commentator took issue with the people from all sides of the political aisle taking the side of the Reddit user, who goes by the pseudonym ‘HanA**holeSolo,’ and argued he didn’t deserve any sympathy due to his past ‘anti-semitic racist, and anti-gay’ posts. She also said that big news outlets revealing the names of anonymous internet users would not ‘destroy’ the doxxed.”

Powers claims are pure hyperbole, and cannot possibly be founded in any sort of factual nature.

By allowing the radical left access to this anonymous user’s personal information, the liberal lynch mob that has been forming around President Trump will quickly and easily seek out their new enemy.  Most certainly, this Redditor would targeted by these lunatics, the most egregious of whom have turned violent in recent weeks thanks to the signals being displayed Kathy Griffin and other celebrity assassination promoters.

Furthermore, Powers’ statement is indicative of the New Fascist ideology behind their corruption of the First Amendment.  The left has allowed their political correctness doctrine to infect our nation’s freedom of speech, with the new, liberal interpretation of the document.  According to this perversion of one of our founding principles, you have the right to not be offended by someone else’s speech.  If an opinion makes you feel unpleasant, the P.C. police will swoop in and shame the speaker into obscurity or irrelevance for you.

It is vastly important that Americans rebel against what Powers has insinuated here, especially in our world of technological invasiveness.  Without the ability to go off the radar, we are no longer truly free.

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