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CNN Reporter’s Trump Tweet Could Earn Him Visit From Secret Service

President Donald J. Trump arrives at the Inaugural Parade during the 58th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. Jan. 20, 2017. (DoD Photo by Dominique A. Pineiro/Released)

With all of the inexcusable and dishonorable rhetoric flying around the political sphere of America these days, it can be a little hard to keep track of all of the jabs and jeers…especially when it comes to the mainstream media’s input.

The liberal slant that encapsulates the nonsensical narrative that we experience night in and night out has long plagued our “free” press.  While I tip-tap away at my keyboard, I know full well that my words will be mitigated by a mainstream media whose influence extends well into social media and search engine optimization alike.

But I do not come to you, dear reader, for sympathy tonight.  I come to you in order to expound, once again, upon the complete lack of class and decorum that we are experiencing in America today.

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A man, elected President in an uncontested and fair election, has been threatened with murder week after week by those who we once looked up to.  Musicians, comedians, and celebrities are all getting in on the trend as well, bringing to life their own twisted fantasies about committing what would amount to the most egregious act of domestic democratic terrorism in recent memory.

Now, we add another name to the list of media miscreants who have attempted to normalize the murder of Donald Trump for political gain.

And when this CNN cretin thought he was slick enough to delete his offensive and inexcusable tweet before being berated, his luck ran out.


The excuse provided was predictably pathetic.

Originally, Cillizza tweeted, “Donald Trump, pointing to heavens to commemorate police officers killed in the line of duty.”

Shortly after deleting the tweet, Cillizza apologized, blaming the gif on “Gif Grabber,” CNN’s app of choice for making GIFs.

“I’ve deleted a GIF about President Trump. We use @GifGrabber to make our GIFs and it defaults to the image below as a first frame,” Cillizza said.

This has been a very threatening week for the White House to begin with, after a reporter with MSNBC suggested that perhaps someone “wring the neck” of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for refusing to comment on an ugly remark made by an anonymous member of the enormous staff surrounding the President.

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