CNN Reporter Throws Temper Tantrum Because POTUS is “Mean” to Him

In our modern media climate there is “fake news”, and then there is the abhorrent dumpster fire of farcical excrement known CNN.

As if it were a point of pride to be on top of that heaping pile, CNN’s Jim Acosta has spent the last year purposefully infuriating the Trump administration whenever he gets the chance, hoping to catch folks like Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders in an off-color and angry moment.

Acosta has tactically charged in his antagonization of the White House staff, hoping to make a name for himself among the Resistance rats that line the streets of the D.C. Swamp sewers.  The man hasn’t been attempting journalism in the least.  Rather, he has been working to turn himself into a sore thumb, shaving his assumed persona into a square peg for the White House Press Corps’ round hole.

In other words, Jim Acosta is a walking publicity stunt with the journalistic acumen of a wild boar.

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Now, the embattled and clearly biased reporter has made even more astonishing statements during a recent media appearance, trying to convince America that he is “fair” to the Trump administration in his criticisms, and that the President is too mean to him.

“On Tuesday’s ‘Hugh Hewitt Show,’ CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta stated he is objective, fair, and neutral with regards to President Trump and what President Trump has said ‘about people of different faiths, people of different races, immigrants coming into this country, about journalists, cause me great concern.’

“Acosta said he didn’t vote in the last election, or any election where he covered a major presidential candidate.”

 “Hewitt later asked Acosta, ‘Are you, Jim Acosta, neutral, fair, and objective regarding Donald Trump?’
 “Acosta answered, ‘I think I am. I think I am very tough.'”

Hewitt then was forced to stop Acosta mid-sentence when the CNN character began complaining about the White House staff’s necessary scolding of certain media outlets, including CNN.

“Hewitt then cut Acosta off to ask, ‘You don’t like him because he’s mean to you?’

“[Acosta answered], ‘You have reporters who are basically working in a climate of fear right now. Because out on the campaign trail, at rallies, while he was a candidate, and while he’s president of the United States, he has repeatedly savaged the news media, repeatedly referred to the press as fake news, called them the enemy of the people. I remember out on the campaign trail, he called us disgusting, dishonest, liars, scum, demons.’”

We must remember that this is the same mainstream media that ran piece after piece about whether or not the President is too thin-skinned to stand the test of time.

Jim Acosta, who certainly inherited some rodeo clown genes from somewhere in the family tree, will likely continue to lead the charge for CNN, who themselves have been at the head of the pack when it comes to fake news.

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