CNN Refuses to Air Trump Ad on Television, Censors President’s Message

CNN has been out to stymy the President of The United States from the very moment that Donald J. Trump entered the race for the White House.

Colloquially referred to as The Clinton News Network for their overwhelming liberal slant, CNN has made a mockery of journalism itself in recent years.  Their wildly biased coverage of American politics have led many viewers to tune out completely.

Now, as the President continues to spread his message of a strong America across the nation, the flimsy ethics of the faux-news network are on full display.

“CNN said Tuesday that is refusing to air a campaign ad from President Trump because the spot refers to the media as ‘fake news.’

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“‘CNN requested that the advertiser remove the false graphic that says mainstream media is “fake news,”‘ CNN’s public relations department tweeted Tuesday.

“‘The mainstream media is not fake news, and therefore the ad is false. Per our policy, it will be accepted only if that graphic is deleted. Those are the facts.’

“The ad, released by the Trump campaign on Monday, dismisses questions about whether the administration’s first 100 days lived up to the president’s promises on the campaign trail.

“After ratting off a list of successes — including the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, authorization of the Keystone XL Pipeline and eliminated regulations — the ad blames the media for hiding those accomplishments.

“‘You wouldn’t know that from watching the news,’ the narrator says as a group of cable news reporters — including CNN’s Wolf Blitzer — appear on the screen.

“The Trump campaign fired back in a statement that said CNN ‘epitomizes’ the meaning of ‘fake news.’”

CNN could simply be suffering from inventor’s remorse, after promoting the use of the “fake news” moniker throughout the election of 2016, in which the derogatory term was still under their control.

During the campaign, CNN and other liberal news outlets, began circulating a vast number of unverified rumors regarding Donald Trump; everything from wild speculation regarding his personal finances to lewd and uncouth sexual practices that he was said to have been engaged in with Russian prostitutes.  That most disgusting rumor, coming from an unverified dossier of unknown origin, was not fit for publication in any fashion, however, CNN and fellow leftists Buzzfeed both ran the story, aimed at delegitimizing Trump.

As soon as CNN lost their monopoly on calling out “fake news”, the network began attacking the President in earnest through the use of the medium.  Now that the President and a bevy of other politicians are finally fighting back, it seems that CNN is finally heading toward the irrelevancy that many in the political world believe is long overdue for the left-slanted network.

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