CNN Puts All Their Eggs in Cohen-Tape Basket, Loses BIGLY

The mainstream media has become an embracing and cringe-inducing piece of the political landscape in America thanks to the their utter and despicable desperation as of late.

The election of Donald Trump had previously been the catalyst for the nonsensical radicalization of the “news”, and now, every single move made by the Commander in Chief must be examined under the liberal leaning microscope of CNN, The New York Times, and others.  And, even when differing opinions make an impact with readers and viewers, the gatekeepers at Google, Facebook, and Twitter are openly working to subvert that reach.

Yesterday, for example, “big” news of a leaked tape from former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was supposed to be the “scoop” that CNN needed to stay relevant for another few hours.  That simply didn’t pan out for the failing network.

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CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time landed in way last place in the ratings Tuesday, the night the far-left network broadcast audio of a conversation between President Trump and his former attorney Michael Cohen.

Although the Trump recording ended up being yet another nothingburger served up by our increasingly desperate and partisan media, no one knew this until after Cuomo broadcast the recording on his struggling prime time show.

Just how ridiculously bad were the ratings over at the ultraliberal propaganda network?

Despite the promise this recording was the silver bullet that would finally bring down Trump, anti-Trump activist Cuomo managed to attract only a pathetic 1.373 million total viewers, which is only a bit of a boost over his usual 900,00 or so viewers.

And just as it happens every other night of the week, he was still soundly humiliated by the competition.

If this trend continues, CNN may just find itself looking into another novel concept to boost ratings:  Telling the truth.


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