CNN Pushes Narrative That Trump Responsible For Death Threats?

The mainstream media is no longer the objective and profound piece of American journalism that it once may have been, and those on the inside are fighting tooth and nail to maintain any semblance of relevancy remaining.

CNN is, undoubtedly, the best example of this decline in modern reporting.  Not only were they the originators of the cable news model, but they have been the barometer of change for the entire industry from their inception.

The network, which at one point had no competitors, was once a much less biased place.  They were a novelty, really, in the toddler era of cable television where every part of American culture seemingly had their own channel.  Music fans had MTV, sports fans had ESPN, and current affairs watchers had CNN.  For years, the network thrived on their solitary status and novelty, not to mention the high ratings received by being the de facto, go-to channel whenever anything occurred in global politics.  Remember, this was pre-internet still, and CNN was the only place to go.

Soon, competition arrived.  Media moguls saw the mistakes made by CNN in their development and avoided those headaches to create a far more streamlined experience for the user.

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CNN, sensing the competition was fierce, turned sensational in order to keep their viewers hooked.  They hung up their journalism boots for clown shoes, and moved heavily in the direction of leftist propaganda.

Now, in the era of Trump, the cable network faces a new challenge, and is again mutating in order to maintain viewership.  This time, however, CNN has been forced to make an even more drastic change, publishing bizarre, unverified, and inexcusable drivel in place of objective news.  As Americans become hip to the con, the network has faced massive backlash, with some absurdists making death threats to those working at CNN.

CNN is now attempting to blame the behavior of these enthusiastically angry Americans on the President, instead of examining the source of this frustration.

“In a bizarre Tuesday night rant, CNN’s Don Lemon blamed President Trump for his own network’s fake news crisis, a crisis that allegedly provoked a 19-year-old Michigan man into making death threats against the far-left network.

“If that is not odd enough, Lemon’s rant itself was filled with provocative fake news.

“Referring to the death threats, the left-wing anchor said, ‘This what happens when the president of the United States, Donald Trump, repeatedly attacks members of the press simply for reporting facts he does not like,’ Lemon howled, adding, ‘So, Mr. President, I’m going to speak directly to you: The caller who threatened to kill CNN employees made his threat using these words: “Fake news.” … I wonder where he got those words?’

“Well, to answer Lemon’s question, it was CNN’s own Brian Stelter who helped coin the phrase ‘fake news.’ In the aftermath of Trump’s historic election win, the concept of a ‘fake news crisis’ was bandied about for weeks on Lemon’s network. Most ironically, CNN used this idea of ‘fake news’ as a means to explain away all the fake news CNN spread for months about Trump have no chance of winning.”

Of course, regardless of their claims to the origin of the phrase, CNN is still sitting atop the fake news throne due to their own continued radicalization and sensationalism.

And, if for some reason you’re not convinced that CNN is turning journalism into tabloid paparazzi nonsense, just ask their White House reporter Jim Acosta about it – he’ll be happy to turn red in the face explaining it for you.

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