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CNN Personality and Documentarian Admits “I Am The Problem” in Tweet

The full magnitude of America’s currently occurring sexual abuse revolution may still eclipse itself in 2018 if this latest story is any indication.

In a nutshell, Americans are undergoing an incredible conservative transformation in 2017 as the right wing’s silent majority rises up to bolster the work of President Donald Trump.  With this cultural movement comes a return to traditional American values, of which chivalry is an enormous piece.  This, inadvertently combined with what was supposed to be a liberal movement after the Women’s March on Washington D.C., has sparked a wildfire in the women’s population of our great nation in which sexual harassment and abuse will no longer be tolerated.  By anyone.

Protected by the strong, conservative backbone of the nation, victims of sexual abuse began to speak up in earnest months ago against their deviant and powerful abusers, a vast majority of which identity as leftists of the highest order.

Decades of unfortunate behavior were detailed by these victims, whose early takedown of the previously untouchable Harvey Weinstein truly signaled a new reality in this fight.

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Now, another liberal media figure is being swallowed up by the purge, admitting to the world in an unprompted social media post that he is “part of the problem”.

“Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock revealed in an unprompted extended tweet, titled ‘I am the Problem,’ instances where he’s sexually harassed a female assistant and confessed to cheating on ‘every wife and girlfriend I have ever had.’

“The Super Size Me director began by wondering if and when the massive wave of powerful Hollywood and media elites being accused of sexual harassment and assault would put him in the spotlight.

“’As I sit around watching hero after hero, man after man, fall at the realization of their past indiscretions, I don’t sit by and wonder “who will be next?” I wonder, “when will they come for me?” Spurlock wrote, before detailing an incident when he was in college, in which he said the woman he was dating ‘believed she was raped.’

“‘”Light bright. That kids toy, that’s all I can see and think about,” she said … and then she started to cry,’ Spurlock recalled her saying. ‘I didn’t know what to do. We stopped having sex and I rolled beside her. I tried to comfort her. To make her feel better. I thought I was doing ok, I believed she was feeling better. She believed she was raped.’”

As if this weren’t disturbing enough, Spurlock’s confession continued, exposing a history of horrific behavior that was capped off by an admission of a hefty payoff to one accuser so that the CNN host and documentarian could remain “who he was” professionally.

The shame and hypocrisy of the liberal left has been simply an ornament on the tree of truth in these revelations.  Men like Spurlock, who project such an air of progressive confidence, are surely now understood to be simply masking something horrific in their psyche with their liberal persona.

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