CNN Now Actively Protecting Mueller’s Fishing Trip From Critics and Reality

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Rob Hainer /

CNN has been steadily bristling at President Trump’s every insinuation of journalistic bias, but they’ve done literally nothing else to attempt to demonstrate their integrity.

Their crackpot anchors and reporters are clearly and unequivocally part of the The Resistance to the President, exploiting their every media advantage in order to defame and delegitimize a Commander in Chief whose only crime is electorally eviscerating their gravy train candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton truly defeated herself in 2016, after decades of improper political wrangling, scandals, collusion, corruption, and the serious suspicions of her involvement with the deaths of many of her politicly enemies.  The American people simply were not able to justify trusting the former First Lady one iota, and Trump’s populism demonstrated a true love for the American people.

Now, in the wake of Clinton’s loss, the left has somehow convinced former FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate the President on the grounds that he may be some sort of Kremlin double agent.  Now, even as this fishing expedition treads Washington water with absolutely nothing to show for it, CNN has been forced to somehow defend the witch hunt, once again displaying their leftist bias like a progressive peacock in its rut.

“Friday on CNN’s ‘The Lead,’  host Jake Tapper discussed President Donald Trump saying ‘people are very, very angry’ about FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

“Tapper accused Fox News hosts of using ‘incredibly extremist rhetoric’ to impugn the credibility of Mueller and the entire FBI.

“Tapper said, ‘Who? What people? I’ll tell you who. Those whom the President pays the closest attention to, his supporters.'”

This is far from the first time that Tapper and his team of tawdry twits have jumped down the throat of the American people who wholly disapprove of the Mueller experiment.  For months, CNN and others have inundated the American populace, who overwhelming support Trump, fomenting a dissonant divide and radicalization among their leftist base.

How long will Americans allow this dangerous provocation to continue?  Trump has already been the target of several bizarre incidents of violence and attempted assassinations, and with the mainstream media now propping up the most asinine of Resistance pet projects, who will come to the President’s side when Mueller finally drops some farcical bombshell?

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