CNN Keeps Offering more Evidence of their Bias

You’ve seen enough evidence of CNN’s bias to know where their loyalties lie, not with the truth, but with the Democrats.

However, when they just hand us more evidence we can’t ignore it. It should be displayed for all the world to see and mock.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) agrees, which is why he recently underscored CNN’s hypocrisy when it comes to reporting political news.

Here’s what CNN did to start the mess:

Here’s the line from the article:

“Cruz’s so-called Consumer Freedom amendment is considered contentious among Republican senators with some moderates having raised concerns that it could hurt those with pre-existing conditions…”

“Cruz’s so-called…”? Why would they include the “so-called” tag when talking about what the amendment is named? That is literally what he called his amendment. Seems odd, especially when compared to an older pieces of legislation that Cruz pointed out in his response to their tweet.

Exactly right.

Can you remember any left-wing legislation that CNN has added the “so-called” tag to when reporting on it? I can’t. And a simple Google search doesn’t seem to do much good either.

Now, this is an admittedly small example of the bias inherent in the newsroom at CNN, but it is telling. When conservative media responds to the mainstream media, and we call out their reporting as “fake news,” we’re not always talking about the entirety of the stories they’re telling. Sometimes we’re referring to the “angle” they take in covering the story, at other times we’re talking about their use of “weasel words” when reporting on conservative people or policies. CNN’s article on Cruz’s “Consumer Freedom” Amendment is a relatively tame piece that covers its inclusion into the new GOP health care plan, but that simple use of the phrase “so-called” reveals much about the author’s mindset when it comes to the amendment. And that’s not reporting, that’s editorializing.

CNN better wake up and fix the massive bias problem in their newsroom otherwise the folks at the network will soon be out of work. 🇺🇸

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