CNN Idiotically Decided Mocked Reporters Are Akin to Military Heroes

The media’s speculative spiral into salaciousness and tabloid gossip has undoubtedly begun in earnest, and now CNN is taking this bizarrely self-important sentiment a step further.

We must always remind ourselves that the legacy media is desperate and raging against the proverbial dying of the light, in their own personal purgatory between missing the dotcom boat, and failing to react with the elder statesmen attitude that could have saved them.  What they’ve chosen is pure anarchy, flailing and gutturally calling out to one another to see who can make the biggest buffoon out themselves.

All in the name of the almighty advertising dollar, of course, meaning that this sensationalism is inborn and a necessary evil of television news.

So, they move progressively to the left, where the chaos lives.  There, they can eek out a living by simply pointing the cameras outward from within that progressive nucleus.  Everything around them is strange and antithetical by nature, so they have something to report on at all times.  This inanity corrupts society when repeated ad nauseam, and the counter-media erupts onto the scene.

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That is just about right where we are in this cycle.  So, if I don’t get silenced by the social media Master of The Universe, our opinions may soon be the counterculture instead of the “conservative” way of thinking.

This hyperbole has gotten so out of hand that CNN has now likened the hurt feelings of their on air television personalities to the sacrifice of an American military service member.

CNN has been widely mocked for publishing an opinion piece calling for Americans to thank the media the way members of the military are acknowledged because they are both “protecting our freedoms” and “the stakes have never been higher.”

University of Notre Dame management professor Joseph Holt wrote the essay headlined, “The press isn’t the enemy, it’s the protector,” which was published last week. The widely ridiculed piece is labeled “opinion” and notes “the views expressed here are solely the author’s.”

Holt defended CNN’s Jim Acosta, who was mocked by Trump supporters at a recent rally. Acosta then asked Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Thursday to say whether the press is indeed the “enemy of the people,” as her boss has controversially claimed. Sanders didn’t oblige and Acosta stormed out of the briefing. Holt took to CNN’s website to defend the network’s top White House correspondent.

No.  Just no.

And, to be completely fair, CNN will rake in the cash over this controversy, as folks tune in to see how they defend themselves.

It’s a racket folks.  Pull the plug.

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