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CNN Headquarters Under Siege by Massive Anti-Fake News Protests

Americans are in the midst of a media awakening, as President Trump and other conservative voices expose the mainstream “news” for what is truly represents.

During the 2016 election, mainstream networks such as CNN, ABC, and others were feeling the pressure.  The right wing Free Press of the internet was cutting into these liberal outlets’ ability to skew the narrative toward Hillary Clinton.  The media world was beginning to once again see balance, as Donald Trump continued to surge past the crooked Clinton camp to the delight of media magnates not beholden to leftist special interests.  In a shallow attempt to attack what the liberals were calling the “alt-right”, CNN dropped a bombshell of a term that transformed our entire media landscape:  Fake News.

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In the liberal media’s opinion, any news that contradicted their personal storyline would be deemed “fake news”, an outright attack on the credibility of these journalists.  In the case of CNN, who openly promoted the concept of the “alt-right” being labeled phony, it spawned a newfound emphasis on fact-checking and media accountability that nearly immediately backfired.  Suddenly, CNN and their mainstream cohorts were under the microscope, with Americans dissecting their every lie and slant.

Now, as the “fake news” tables have completely turned, CNN is facing a massive demonstration outside of their headquarters demanding that they restore journalistic integrity to their network.

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 “The Media Equality Project (MEP) has announced a rally in Atlanta outside CNN’s headquarters at noon on Saturday, July 22 from noon until 1:30pm.

“MEP co-founders Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney will be joined by their volunteer leaders, local political activists and Atlanta talk show host Bryan Crabtree of Biz1190 and AM920 The Answer to call for unbiased, balanced coverage of national issues that people care about.

“’For too long, CNN has been allowed to warp, misrepresent and outright manufacture news events out of thin air. Real damage has been done to the targets of CNN’s misreporting, not to mention the country as a whole,’ said Brian Maloney, MEP co-founder.

“’We are fired up to confront CNN’s blackmail, doxxing and #CollusionDelusion head-on,’ added co-founder Melanie Morgan. ‘Our message to the network: No more lies, conspiracy theories, or punks with reporter pads!’

“Bryan Crabtree noted, ‘If there’s one anti-Trump protester standing in Times Square with a sign, CNN will rush a camera to the scene seizing the opportunity to make our President look defeated. It will be interesting to see if CNN will notice that real news is happening outside their front door as Americans gather to protest the hysteria and fake news being peddled by their network every day. Americans want real, truthful news and that’s why CNN is not even in the top ten – even trailing Nick at Nite.’”

America has spoken on the subject already, tuning out of the biased network in droves, but CNN hadn’t seemed to take notice.

The demonstration occurring today looks to change that, as a massive army of activists descend on the Atlanta-based company’s HQ in the middle of a busy weekend for the city.  Surely, the exposure given to the MEP’s campaign will be incredible given that CNN’s home office sits looming over a congested thoroughfare in the heart of the city’s tourist district.



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