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CNN Hands Antifa Twerps a Map of 1,500 More Statues to Topple

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CNN has made no qualms about its love for “social justice” and the radical left, as they cling to those viewers in hope of staying financially afloat.

The mainstream media as a whole, and with CNN leading the way, has been attempting to delegitimize the President of the United States from the moment that he was inaugurated.  Their fake news tactics have been behind some of the most dastardly and damaging campaigns of hate that the modern nation has endured, as We The People continue to fall into their chasm of divisiveness.

We must realize that CNN and other mainstream media sources rely solely on advertisers purchasing time on their networks to stay afloat.  These advertisers can only have their ads seen if people stay tuned in to these outlets, meaning that entertainment is the number one priority for the networks – not journalism.

Do you know what makes for great entertainment?  Conflict.

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That’s why CNN is doing everything that it can to promote the radical left’s New Civil War by giving airtime to the criminals who continue to tear down American history is cities like Durham, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

Now, the fake news originators, sensing the ability to create their own conflicts to report on, have published a map of 1,500 Confederate statues and memorials throughout the nation, virtually inviting the radical left to destroy them.

“The map will, no-doubt, serve as a hit-list for the frenzied Workers World Party members and others seeking the removal and destruction of Confederate statues in city after city across America.

“CNN reports, ‘Roughly 1,500 Confederate symbols still exist on public land more than 150 years after the conclusion of the Civil War.’ It explains that 718 of the Confederate symbols are ‘monuments and statutes.’

“The outlet embedded a Southern Poverty Law Center/CNN map of the U.S. in the article–a map complete with green, blue, and red dots to signify the locations of the Confederate symbols. The green dots show schools with Confederate namesakes, the blue dots show courthouses that have Confederate monuments/statues, and the red dots show ‘parks, trails, monuments, municipalities, holidays, buildings, flags’ that are maintained.”

This ridiculously overt attempt to assist the ill-named “antifa” dimwits will surely result in more bloodshed in our nation.

The volatility of the left has been assisted by the media from the inception of the 24-hour news cycle, with CNN leading the charge.  Now, as the network has turned from faux-journalism to active militant informational resource, there is no doubt about the treason they hope to incur.

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