CNN Goes Fully Neo-Fascist, Looking To Now BAN WORDS?!

For far too long, we have allowed the leftist mainstream media to steer the ship of national discourse, despite their numerous disqualifying attributes.

Now, in the era of Donald Trump as Commander in Chief, the liberal base is radicalizing in ways that this generation has not yet experienced.  The black bloc tactics of the fascist mobs of Europe’s coming of age are now found in the Antifa groups of the democratic fringe.  Violence is now a staple of the left’s “conversation” about politics, as they continue to employ riotous agent provocateurs in locales facing the sudden onset of conservative ideologies.

Simply put, this is neo-Fascism.  The left is attempting to subvert the First Amendment by implementing terror into the equation.  Numerous high profile conservative voices have been silenced via the violence of the radical left, and more are being targeted every day.

Now, even the mainstream media’s bluntest and most blatant tool of propaganda, CNN, is getting in on the act in a desperate bid for self preservation.  

“In an opinion piece on the cable news network’s website Sunday, writers Hossein Derakhshan and Claire Wardle called for scrapping the term President Trump has made synonymous with CNN. The duo wrote that use of the term ‘fake news’ is ‘not only self-defeating, it oversimplifies a very complex problem’ and it devalues the expression that has ‘become meaningless’ over the past year.

 “The phrase is now ‘used to describe any piece of information that someone else didn’t like’ and has been ‘has become weaponized by politician,’ Derakhshan and Wardle wrote, adding the term should be used when referring to clearly false content such as the viral photo of a shark swimming up a Texas highway during Hurricane Harvey (spoiler alert: the photo wasn’t real).
“Derakhshan and Wardle recently co-authored a report, ‘Information Disorder,’ which was commissioned by the Council of Europe. They claim the problem exists all over the world, but most Americans likely associate ‘fake news’ with CNN, thanks to President Trump’s relentless branding.
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“CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker has implemented an anti-Trump programming strategy at the network that was once known for Ted Turner’s bare bones ‘just-the-facts’ approach to journalism. As a result, Trump refers to CNN as ‘fake news’ on a regular basis and mocked the network on Twitter as recently as Monday.”

The idea that “fake news” is in need of a Nazi-esque removal from the culture is beyond offensive, and nowhere near constitutional.

This won’t stop CNN from promoting their own tirades on the subject, ad nauseam, for the remainder of President Trump’s time in office.  We have already been force fed a blatantly biased and petulant string of insults aimed at delegitimizing the highest office in our nation for over a year, and CNN’s attempt at corralling the English language does not bode well for the next three.

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