CNN Gets INSTANT Karma After Mocking Trump’s “Covfefe” Moment

Cable news stalwart and liberal propaganda machine CNN just made one of the most embarrassing blunders of the week while attempting to mock the President of the United States.

Earlier in the week, President Trump had a minor spelling error via Twitter that erupted into vitality online.  Where the Commander in Chief was looking to type “coverage”, he accidentally typed “covfefe” – a completely nonsensical word that incites more that a little bit of humor when readers attempt to pronounce it.

Covfefe fever struck the world wide web shortly after, with memes and clever jokes abound.  Of course, the liberals were having none of it, pouncing on the typo to demean the President’s intelligence, call for his phone to be taken away, and to instill yet another mockery of the world’s most powerful man into the brains of their loyal, leftist army.  During CNN’s predictable tirade on the subject of “covfefe”, a quite unfortunate error was committed by the liberally-biased network.


That’s right, folks:  CNN misspelled “chief” while railing President Trump for his internet typo.  On national television.  Live.

Surely, there are far more important stories in the nation than a simple error by a low-level employee at CNN, but given the network’s recent and profound floundering, such a silly mistake really calls into the question of efficacy of the network in general.  Could the ratings hole that they’ve dug themselves through their one-sided coverage of world affairs be affecting the quality of staff that they are able to hire?  Could the network be on the verge of a massive shakeup as viewers continues to abandon ship in droves?


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