CNN Floats Insane Conspiracy Theory Regarding Manchester and The Right Wing

CNN’s journalistic integrity has once again been called into question in the wake of the Manchester, England terror attack last night.

The latest stunt by the obviously left-leaning news outlet in America may be their most egregious yet, considering the severity of the attack that targeted young women at an Ariana Grande concert.

As the dust settled on a suicide bombing attack that killed 22 and left nearly five dozen more injured, a great many news agencies were forced to cease their incessant tirades against President Trump in order to report on actual news from Europe.  This visibly irked some anchors and commentators, who then inexplicably attempted to link the terror attack to the sitting U.S. President.

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No, really.  That actually happened.

“CNN Terror Analyst Paul Cruickshank was reporting live on Anderson Cooper’s ‘AC360’ on Monday night as the Manchester Bombing’s details were unfolding, and during his report noted that the right has been trying to frame Islamists for acts of terrorism.

“Cruickshank suggested that though there was evidence of a suicide bomber — confirmed by authorities later that night, and named by law enforcement as 22-year-old Salman Abedi on Tuesday — it couldn’t be confirmed because of purported right-wing plots to sabotage Islamists.

“’It must also be noted that in recent months in Europe, there’s been a number of false flag plots where right wing have been trying to blame Islamists for terrorism,’ Cruickshank noted and added that ‘we have seen that in Germany in recent weeks.’

“ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing on Tuesday, issuing a statement that read, ‘One of the soldiers of the caliphate placed explosive devices in a gathering of crusaders in the middle of the British city of Manchester.'”

The assertion that this horrific attack is an “inside job” of right wing conservatives is pure and irrevocable evidence of the mainstream media’s attempt to delegitimize the global conservative uprising that has been openly occurring in recent years.  The election of Donald Trump in the United States has caused enormous stress for these imbecilic outlets, who are struggling mightily to maintain their relevance as the world is, quite literally, politically alienating them and their leftist ideals.

This disgusting attack on non-liberals is a conceited, self-serving piece of pontification that could be construed as propaganda, libel, or defamation, given a competent judge.

Worse yet, these are the same media manglers who are absolutely beside themselves with rage as the nation begins looking deeper into the mysterious murder of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who may or may not have been involved with Wikileaks’ acquisition of Hillary Clinton campaign emails.


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