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CNN Figurehead Refuses to Acknowledge That Trump is “Her” President

While the liberal hysteria continues to build over the election of President Trump over 8 months ago, the left has increasingly turned to semantics to argue their points.

It’s no surprise that the left has been reduced to such trite tactics; there is no real argument available as to why Donald Trump shouldn’t garner the same respect as the men who held the office before him.  It is simply a fashionable trend for the left to fully “resist” a President that they didn’t choose.  There were somewhat similar arguments made during the pre-9/11 days of George W. Bush’s presidency, but the gravity of that situation forced the left to rescind much of their shallow assaults on that last republican Commander in Chief.

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Now, as the mainstream media has fallen into cahoots with the radical left, a number of members of the pedagogic punditry are turning to mundane minutiae in their attacks on The Donald, including Angela Rye of fake news network CNN, who recently refused to admit that the President was “her” President.

“‘As the segment came to an end, Rye said, “He went into a press conference during the summer asking Russia to find the other 30,000 emails. There are a lot of things that your president has done to defy logic. Let’s at least acknowledge that.’

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“Kingston interjected, ‘Your president, too, Angela. Your president, too,’

“Rye shot back, ‘He’s your president.’

“Anchor John Berman said, ‘the president of the United States.’”

This isn’t the first that that the “not my President” tagline has been applied to a republican President, let alone to Trump.

George W. Bush was first subjected to the dangerous assertion after the hotly contested election of 2000 in which the Supreme Court had to intervene in order to prevent democrat Al Gore from stealing the White House.  Voting discrepancies in Florida were exacerbated by CNN and other liberal media “news” stations, aggravating the already agitated liberal left into near hysteria.

In the case of Donald Trump, however, there is no doubt whatsoever that the businessman-turned-politician was the rightful victor of the 2016 contest.  Trump’s massive electoral victory was so embarrassing to democratic rival Hillary Clinton that she was unable to concede the election to Trump until the next day, possibly due to her drunken state in which she allegedly assaulted campaign manager John Podesta.  Make no mistake, Trump is our President.

Unfortunately, due to the impending implosion of CNN and other fake news networks, comments such as Rye’s are being allowed publication on-air with little to no recourse.  Where the nation should willingly be supporting the President, the mainstream media is actively fomenting dissent and anger.  This dangerous collusion between what’s left of the democratic party and the liberal media is clearly responsible for the spate of political violence that our nation is suffering, and as such, must be mitigated to avoid future bloodshed.

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