CNN FAIL: Never-Trump Network Barely Afloat, Layoffs Looming

The advent of the Trump Era, and the subsequent radicalization of the liberal left should have been a Godsend for networks such as CNN, who were showered with “resistance” rhetoric in months after The Donald’s coronation.

Given the massively vocal vitriol of the liberal lunatics, CNN could have encapsulated and packaged their hatred for the President in a myriad of ways, easily extending their reach into the depths of American society through the millennial generation.  Furthermore, given the television network’s enormous personnel network, it seems almost too obvious that the “worldwide leader in news” would soon find themselves dominating in the digital realm as well.  Their nigh-unlimited resources should have at least guaranteed them that.

But, instead, CNN chose to venture down a deep, dark rabbit hole of leftist filth and agitation, preying on the emotions of young Americans who were genuinely frightened by the lies of the left.

Now, after over a year of these atrocious antics, CNN is finally facing the economic executioner.

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“…despite the so-called Trump Bump, CNN appears to be re-thinking at least some elements of its digital strategy. I’ve learned that CNN, a key property in AT&T’s planned takeover of CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, is targeting big savings on the digital side, with as many as 50 jobs around the globe scheduled to be eliminated this week, according to people familiar with the matter, who noted the exact number could still be in flux. The cuts will affect employees who work in premium businesses including CNN Money, video, product, tech and social publishing, these people said. Several high profile digital initiatives are being scaled back, including CNN’s virtual reality productions and its efforts on Snapchat, where CNN recently nixed a live daily webcast after just four months. CNN’s business-oriented MoneyStream app, as BuzzFeed reported earlier this month, is in the gutter as well. A team that works on the digital extensions of documentary-style TV shows, such as Anthony Bourdain’sParts Unknown and Lisa Ling’s This is Life, as well as the Brooke Baldwin series American Woman, is also being reorganized.”

Don’t be fooled by the scope of this “rightsizing” campaign…there is a great deal at stake still.

“The looming cuts may not be altogether Earth-shattering for an institution with thousands of employees around the world and $1 billion in annual profits. But one imagines they will at least further rattle nerves within a company already beset by a fair amount of uncertainty, which largely centers around how long Zucker will remain after AT&T’s $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner, assuming the Department of Justice doesn’t succeed in its efforts to scuttle the deal. A trial to adjudicate that matter is set to kick off on March 19 in Washington, D.C.”

If and when the coming merger occurs, there is some serious trepidation about what AT&T would do with the brand.

CNN no longer holds the vaunted status that they once did, and their divisive, partisan rhetoric is becoming far less favorable in the midst of this conservative wave flooding the country.  AT&T, a company tied to a great deal of subscription businesses such as cable and cellular telephone service are likely staring at a massive boycott of their services should they openly associate themselves with the Fake News forerunners.

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