Why CNN Exposed a Clinton Lie: To Get Away with Bigger Lies

Criticizing one Clinton lie gives the Clinton News Network stature to cover up the real issues and campaign against Donald Trump.

Here, is Jake Tapper of CNN and “FactCheck.org” finding a genuine Clinton lie.

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This is a real issue. By pretending that a “nonpartisan” economist favored her plan, Hillary Clinton was lying to the crowd and giving them false assurance in her ability to turn the economy around.

So does this disprove that CNN is the Clinton News Network, virtually an extension of their campaign staff? If they expose the Clinton lie does that prove that they are “fair and balanced”?

Not even close.

Of all the Clinton scandals and all their anti-Trump hysteria, CNN exposed a Clinton lie that is virtually irrelevant. Everyone knows that crowds believe economic plans based on wishful thinking. That’s bad but the Quixotic quest for a non-partisan economist would not improve the situation. Hillary’s lie had zero impact on anything but the true believers who were already convinced. CNN’s exposure of the lie won’t make any difference to them.

But by spending airtime on this lie, CNN gets to continue to whitewash Hillary’s relationship to mysterious deaths, her predator-enablement for her husband, and the weakness of her health.

Listen to this interview:

This “fact check” of Hillary is a fig leaf attempt the cover CNN’s obvious naked partisanship and lack of journalistic integrity.

Remember, the media has already openly admitted and justified their campaign against Donald Trump. This lightweight story does nothing to disprove that. As I wrote before, even their justifications for campaigning against Trump are only a result of bias.

Hillary is really cozy with dictators but it doesn’t count with journalists. They dislike Trump,therefore, they scrutinize him and dredge up an imagined coziness with dictators, when actually Trump would rather fight ISIS than start WWIII over Assad.

The media is a propaganda arm of the Obama Administration and the Hillary campaign. Nothing more.

CNN’s story about a Clinton lie is a poor attempt to regain their reputation as a news organizations. Except they never had such a reputation outside their own minds.

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