CNN Editor Points Finger at Michael Avenatti for Failed Takedown of Kavanaugh

As if they weren’t already, the Kavanaugh accusations officially turned into a circus when Micheal Avenatti entered the scene.

It was hard not to laugh that he found a way to involve himself, and impossible not to laugh when his client turned out to be a complete loon who contradicted her own story on national television after hardly having anything on Kavanaugh to begin with.

While the attempted takedown of Judge Kavanaugh is clearly finished, Avenatti, who has shown us little more than an unsatiable appetite for media attention, is still rambling on about his client to anyone who will listen.

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Which basically means he’s now restricted to Twitter, where he made his feelings known when Sen. Susan Collins broke down her reasons for doubting his client’s allegations against Kavanaugh.

“Senator Collins should be ashamed of herself for attacking my client and Dr. Ford,” Avenatti wrote on Twitter after Collins’ speech on the Senate floor, according to The Daily Wire. “How did she make a credibility determination as to my client? How is she qualified to do that without ANY investigation? She did ZERO to determine whether my client and her witnesses were credible.”

That’s when breaking news editor of CNN, Kyle Feldscher, pointed out that Avenatti may want to look in the mirror before casting stones:

Avenatti, clearly unable to take this sitting down, but also clearly unable to behave like an adult, sarcastically and dramatically replied, “You are right. I should have turned my back on my client. Told her to “shut up” and stay quiet because people like you apparently believe assault victims are to blame. This line of thinking is disgusting and offensive to all survivors. And it makes lawyers not want to help them.”

To which Feldscher, clearly the more mature spinner of fake news, replied:

Well, it’s clear who the winner of this cat fight was. Sorry, Michael.

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