CNN Demands YouTube Remove Non-Mainstream News Sources

While the illusion of the media’s competence is deteriorating before our very eyes, the dinosaurs of the cable “news” world are grasping at whatever they can in order to maintain some semblance of relevancy.

This includes, of course, CNN – the former leader in cable news who have wholly abandoned journalism in favor of entertainment over the last few years.

Whether it’s Don Lemon’s right on cue crying fits, or the scripting of their own town hall events, the liberally-biased network has been hard at work censoring the views of more than half of the nation.  This uncouth and inexcusable trampling of the First Amendment is just what the network needs to stay within the sphere of influence in America, as the free press of the internet has begun lurking at the fence line, waiting for the bloated and decrepit “news” group to stumble.

Now, in an overt attempt to create a monopoly on narrative, CNN is asking YouTube to remove content from one of the most popular alternative news sites on the planet:  Alex Jones’

“CNN is now directly lobbying for YouTube to terminate Infowars from its platform entirely, with the news network brazenly admitting as much in an article published today.

“The piece, entitled, How the Florida school shooting conspiracies sprouted and spread, notes how an Infowars video questioning whether Parkland school shooting survivor and now anti-gun activist David Hogg was being coached on what to say during interviews was removed by YouTube.”

For what it’s worth, the David Hogg story is a mesmerizing tale of coincidence and possible staging that a great many members of the journalistic world have taken notice of, including some fellow writers here at

Not only is CNN pushing to personally have Infowars removed from YouTube, they are also spreading this message of Fascist thought-policing to their readers.

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“CNN subsequently devoted an entire article to the lobbying effort entitled InfoWars is two strikes away from being banned from YouTube.

“This is the culmination of almost a year of media-driven moral panic concerning YouTube.

“Having lost the political argument, the legacy media is now turning to censorship in an attempt to silence alternative and competing voices.”

This tacit compliance, (read:  Encouragement), of their readers’ future attacks on the free press should be of great concern to Americans everywhere.

The First Amendment is truly at stake in this day and age, with CNN pushing for their free speech to be the only one recognized by the world’s most prominent video sharing platform.  Should we allow this to continue, uncontested by conservatives, there is little doubt that the liberal left will soon be able to influence society in such a way as to shape the United States in their own image.

We must remember that any attempts to own or manipulate the language and methods of delivery of that language by a corporation such as CNN is treason against our Constitution.

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