CNN Death Spiral Has Doomed Network at 10th Place in Ratings

When we look back at CNN’s stumble into obscurity, there is one characteristic of the network that will be remembered as their Achilles’ heel:  Their inability to choose the right battles.

As Donald Trump was beginning to unravel the doomed democratic nominee Hillary Clinton back in 2016, CNN was provided with a foothold into the Trump resistance from Clinton herself, with her absurd and uncouthly interjected conspiracy theory that the eventual President was truly acting as a Russian operative.  While completely dumbfounding on the surface, CNN chose to chase the story regardless, and picked a fight with a man who would go on to reside within the White House.

This, of course, lead to Trump absolutely eviscerating the network on a near-daily basis.  CNN’s own “fake news” slur became the de facto retort to the network’s increasingly absurd assertions, and their credibility began to waver dangerously.

Then came one of the most egregious and unethical moments in the history of American journalism, as CNN responded to a satirical .gif file on the internet that portrayed POTUS beating up on a professional wrestler with a CNN logo emblazoned upon him.  The harmless video clip made the rounds after the President himself republished it via Twitter, and CNN snapped.

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The network, who up until that point was made up journalists, decided to track down the internet user who created the .gif file and threaten to reveal his personal information to world.  At this point, CNN ceased to be a funny side-note in the annals of American media history, and they became fully part of the radical leftist “resistance”.   Now, this loss of morality and sense on CNN’s part has sent their figurative stock plummeting, as evidenced by their abhorrent slip in ratings.

“CNN’s ratings are plummeting, according to a Thursday cable TV rankings report by TV Newser.

“CNN fell to 10th in average total day viewership among all basic cable networks in the week of June 26 to July 2, far behind first-place Fox News and third-place MSNBC.

“An average of 639,000 viewers tuned in to CNN per day during the measurement period, less than half of the average 1,390,000 viewers who tuned in to Fox News per day during the same period.

“CNN’s ratings slump is a remarkable drop from just a month ago, when CNN sat in fifth place among all basic cable networks the week of May 29 to June 4.”

The network, who also employed ISIS-apologist and assassination aficionado Kathy Griffin, has been a catalyst of the violence that we are seeing at the civilian level.

Radical leftists, such as GOP baseball field shooter James T. Hodgkinson, are finding liberal extremist materials much more simply than ever before, due in no small part to CNN’s refusal to condemn and properly cover such attacks.  The left is getting a bit of a free pass, thanks to their stranglehold on the mainstream media, and thoughts like those that led Hodgkinson on his violent quest are being allowed to fester into action.

The sooner the world is rid of CNN, the sooner we may find partisan peace.

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