CNN Cuts Feed of Obamacare Victim as She Shares Her Story

This is starting to get ridiculous.

CNN is turning the strategic “technical difficulty” into an art form and using the measure as a way to censor their viewers from conservative opinions. Over the last couple of days we’ve brought you several instances of CNN editing malfeasance, and on Monday CNN delivered yet another example for us.

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First, there was this moment when CNN cut off Congressman Scott Taylor (R-VA) as he was explaining to CNN’s viewers that 30% of the FBI’s domestic terrorism investigations focus on “refugees.”

Then, the very funny Mark Dice put together a very interesting supcercut that showed several instances of CNN having “technical difficulties” just as their guest started saying some unpopular things.

On Monday, CNN’s technical difficulties popped up again during President Trump’s listening session with average Americans who have suffered at the hands of Obamacare. President Trump began with a short introduction, “It’s a great honor for you to share your personal stories of struggle under the enormous strain imposed on you by the very, very failed and failing Obamacare law. Secretary Price and I, along with my entire administration and a lot of people in the Senate and a lot of people in the House are committed to repealing and replacing this disastrous law with a health care plan that lowers cost, expands choice and ensures access for everyone. You represent the millions of Americans who have seen their Obamacare premiums increase by double digits and triple digits,” the President concluded.

After he finished, one of the guests began speaking about her experience with Obamacare.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

“Our rates are three times they were before Obamacare started,” she said.

She said that with only one provider in her county, it leaves her–a small business owner–with very little options.

“We have one provider in our county,” she said. “We have very little options for what we can and cannot do. We are a small business owner. We are actually not a brick and mortar, we are cattle ranchers. we cannot afford our equipment if we are paying these rates year after year after year.”

She concluded by saying that Obamacare has put her food source in jeopardy.

“Our food source is in jeopardy because of this health care law,” she said.

It was at this moment that the CNN cameras cut out and the network went back to John King in CNN’s studios. King told viewers that they’d “just lost the tape there from the White House.” This marks the 3rd time in the last week that CNN’s has had technical difficulties just as a guest was saying something that would be unpopular with the left. (The 3rd time was during a Bernie Sanders (I-VT) interview where Sanders called CNN “fake news.)

Here’s longer video of the President’s opening remarks:


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