CNN Blasting Bill O’Reilly While Ignoring Their Own Massive Class Action Racial Lawsuit


The left-leaning mainstream media has been nothing if not biased as it pertains to their coverage of the free press and outlets such as Fox News.

So, naturally, when news broke that right wing journalist and author Bill O’Reilly was being investigated on sexual harassment charges, networks such as CNN and MSNBC shifted into overdrive to cover the allegations.  It was one of the many ways in which they could continue their attack on America’s conservative core, while also lambasting the competition.  For these mainstream entities, it was the perfect opportunity to fire shots broadside into the heart of the right wing media.

In no way are we attempting to downplay the significance of the accusations leveled against O’Reilly.  They demand to be investigated to the satisfactions of those involved, but if CNN is going to spend an inordinate amount of time covering the story, someone will need to remind the world that CNN itself is under threat of a massive, racially-motivated class action lawsuit alleging disturbing wrongdoings by the staff and management.

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“The suit accuses CNN of ‘a pervasive pattern and practice of systematic and continuing discrimination against African-Americans with respect to opportunities for advancement/leadership and promotions.’ Included in the suit are statistics that claim to show how difficult it is for black employees to receive any kind of promotion into a supervisory role, and the allegation of a pay disparity.

“In order to justify a class action, which is the last thing the last-place cable news network needs right now, the lawsuit goes into great detail in an attempt to document a pattern of systemic racism and discrimination at CNN.

“As of now, across much of the mainstream media, the growing allegations of racism against CNN are, for the most part, being ignored. CNN is part of the ‘resistance’ against President Trump, a leader and useful confederate in the fake news propaganda wars against the president, and therefore a sacred cow that must be protected by the rest of the media — even if that means allowing this alleged discrimination against blacks to continue on and to go unpunished.”

The suit could be filed by up to 175 employees of the leftist media conglomerate, making it a massive story in its own right.  However, given the overwhelming liberal bias in the television media, this story has been all but buried.

That’s where the free press comes in, working tirelessly to tip the scales of the media machine in favor of justice and neutrality.


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