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CNN Anchor Calls All Americans Racist, Blames Bigotry for Trump’s Win

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CNN and the rest of the mainstream media are no longer hiding their disdain for America’s conservative uprising.

In fact, the cable news-entertainment network and liberal powerhouse has moved away from their simple hatred of the President and his agenda to attacking his supporters, American voters, with the same baseless retorts that they were unable to make stick against The Donald himself.

During the election of 2016, one of the most overused storylines in the mainstream media was a cockamamy theory that then-candidate Trump was some sort of supreme bigot, and that every single piece of his proposed legislation and Contract With America was inherently racist, sexist, or ignorant.  The border wall and the travel ban were glossed over by these nuisance networks as acts of severe bigotry against Mexicans and Muslims, with no mention of the prevailing national security issues that truly spawned them.

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Even as President, Trump has not been spared.  His simple compliment to the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, commenting on her physical fitness, was considered by the leftist media to be yet another derogatory Donald-ism.

It has been an absurd ride, certainly, but CNN has somehow taken their rhetoric up a notch or two in recent days, with one of the most insulting and unethical insinuations in recent months.

“Nine months later, CNN still can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump won the election. So the network aired a special Monday “investigating” “Why Trump Won,” and it came to the conclusion that everyone who voted for him is a racist.

“The ‘investigation’ was headed up by impartial CNN host Fareed Zakaria, who still dines with former President Obama, and has previously said multiple times that Trump is a ‘bull**** artist’:

“The CNN host then suggested that Trump tapped into the underlying bigotry of most Americans, labeling it a ‘toxic energy’.

“’He knew that the election of a black president had stirred a kind of ugly racial animus. A small subset but he knew how to get them.’ Zakaria said.

“’A real sense of cultural alienation that the older white, non-college educated Americans have the sense that their country is changing because of immigrants. Because maybe blacks are getting — rising up to a kind of central place in society. Because of, you know, gays being afforded equal rights. Because of, frankly, a lot of working women.’ he added.”

CNN’s latest assertion is simply that America as a whole has been corrupted by bigotry, and isn’t worthy of a non-racist President.

It’s a sickening new low, even for the perpetually toxic CNN.  The mainstream media’s completely and utter dismissal of their own dignity has been on display for months, yet CNN is the only major “news” network to make such an insulting claim.  Fake news is one thing, (and one thing that CNN is fantastically talented at), but telling an entire nation that their choice for President is wrong because they are racist is absolutely unacceptable.

When we tell our children tales about the great media purge of the 21st century, CNN’s own bigotry should be chapter 1.

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