CNN Admits Democrats in “Disrepair and Disarray” have “No Leader”

Jeff Zeleny fits in perfectly at CNN where he can often be found cheering on the Democrat agenda while pouring contempt out for the Trump administration and their supporters.

However, in a recent segment on CNN he was forced to “get real’ and to discuss the Democrats actual prospects for 2020… and it’s not good.

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Zeleny admitted that the Democrat party is in “disrepair and disarray,” and that the party has “no leader” right now.

He openly worried that the Party would be forced to run to the increasingly aged troika of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Joe Biden because the party simply has “no bench” from which to choose younger candidates.

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The only name that Zeleny could offer as a possible hope for the Democrats in 2020 was California’s uber-leftist Kamala Harris, a woman who has no chance of victory outside of the liberal coastal bubbles.

Even Zeleny, who seems oddly infatuated with Harris, can only offer a seeming correlation between Harris and former President Obama when trying to explain why she could be an interesting candidate.

“Sen. Kamala Harris is fascinating to me because she arrives in Washington the exact same time that Barack Obama arrived in Washington. 2005 for him, 2017 for her, in terms of the first year of a Republican administration.”

That’s not much of a reason to be interested in her as a possible candidate…

To be fair, Harris is a name that frequently comes up when talking with liberals but the reality is that she is to the left of her party, and far to the left of the average American voter.

While this reality didn’t seem to hurt Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in his aborted run for the White House, he was seen as a genial old man whereas Harris will be seen as the California radical that she is.

Zeleny hits the nail on the head near the end of his comments:

“Sen. Kamala Harris is fascinating to me because she arrives in Washington at the same exact time Barack Obama arrived in Washington, 2005 for him 2017 for her in terms of the first year of a new Republican administration.

Look, the Party generally looks to someone new, not someone old; the future, not the past.

We’ll see if that’s true this time.

But it’s a huge problem for the Democrats.

There is NO BENCH for the Party.

They can be laughing all they want about these poll numbers for Donald Trump, but the reality is, Democrats are in complete disrepair and disarray in their own party. There’s no leader.

The commentary echoed the sentiments of another CNN analyst, Kate Bolduan, who on Monday told Democrat operative Jon Selib that the Democrats were not looking good.

“There is an argument to be made that 200 days in Democrats are in no better place. I mean if you look at where Democrats are right now…  You lost all the special elections you guys all thought you had a chance in, there is no real clear leader of the party as everybody starts looking towards 2020, and there’s no real clear message despite the attempt at the reboot.”

It’s nice to see that even the folks at CNN can’t help but notice how terrible the Democrat Party is doing right now.

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