James Comey

CNBC Floats “President Pence” in New Article Timed For Comey Hearing

There are some tricks being employed by the mainstream media that are just too woefully pathetic to be ignored, as hard as we try to let them slip.

Today’s testimony by disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, a prepared statement released yesterday, looks to be more of the same nonsense that we’ve already heard.  There is little in his remarks to indicate any wrongdoing by the President of the United States, and the democrats are sure to be completely distraught by this.  When the general public, who may have not been privy to the advanced previews of Comey’s testimony, get wind of just how mundane it is, there is sure to be a collective whimper emitted from the left side of every beltway building.

That doesn’t mean that the left is going to go quietly into the night, however.  Quite the contrary seems to be occurring on the stages of the mainstream media, where speculation and rampant doubt-mongering continues to be their weapon of choice, dealing in hypotheticals and not facts.  One such fantasy that liberal outlet CNBC is touting today is how the stock market would fare under a President Pence.

“On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey will provide testimony before the Senate on the circumstances surrounding his firing and allegations Trump tried to pressure him to lay off the Russia investigation.

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“That Comey testimony was released on Wednesday, and the markets seemed to take it in stride rather than reacting as if there were a ‘smoking gun.’ But ever since the former FBI director’s firing, Wall Street has been ever so gingerly — with the caveat that the odds are long but it can’t be entirely ruled out — asking the question, Would a President Mike Pence be any better for the economy and for markets?

“There’s no sign President Trump wants to step down — in fact, his gut instinct, and that of his chief strategist Steve Bannon, is always to fight. He is allowing Comey to provide testimony instead of trying to block the former FBI director by citing executive privilege, an option that he had. As president, Trump also had the power to fire Comey, for any reason. It was an outcome many Democrats had been pushing for — before it was Trump doing it.”

It is this sort of backhanded and biased reporting that has taken the mainstream media from a staple in many Americans’ homes to a fringe outlier in the realm of opinion.  We The People want a nation united, that can work together to overcome our most pressing issues, even if that issue is a new and politically inexperience President in need of guidance from us.  After all, the government is designed to be the acting will of our wants.

CNBC, like many other mainstream outlets, should be ashamed of themselves during the past 7 months of Trump’s reign.  They have not only dealt heavily in hyperbole and conjecture, but have done so with the zeal of actual journalists.  Their insulting and depraved attempts to psychologically acquiesce the presidency from Trump are not, by any stretch of the imagination, acceptable actions by the press.


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