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CNBC Exec Outed As Pervert After INEXCUSABLE Video Ploy Comes to Light

As we tumble through the last few days of 2017, we apparently will not be spared more horrifically deviant details of the left’s war on women.

Over the course of the last year, a number of prominent democrats and assorted liberals have found themselves out of work, and out of favor, thanks to their own abhorrent behavior when it comes to “courtship”.  Democratic kingmaker and Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein was the first major player to find himself in the hot seat, and now stands accused by more than 90 women of sexual assault, inappropriate workplace behavior, and rape.

After Weinstein fell from grace, Hollywood and Washington D.C. became killing grounds for these previously terrified-to-come-forward men and women.  The abused stood tall against the accused, and ushered in a massive sexual revolution in America.

This revolution was largely downplayed by the mainstream media due to the fact that nearly 100% of the accused have been democrats.

Now, not to buck the trend, CNBC is now facing their own instance of liberal lewdness, after one executive was caught doing the unthinkable. 

“A longtime CNBC show director has been accused of spying on his teen nanny with a hidden bathroom camera, continuing a relentless string of sex scandals for NBCUniversal.

“The New York Daily News reported Wednesday that Dan Switzen hid a spy camera in a tissue box in the bathroom of his Westchester, N.Y. home in order to spy on his teenage au pair.

“According to authorities, a friend of the 18-year-old nanny discovered the camera in the bathroom on November 18.

“The teens took the camera to police that evening and law enforcement found ‘incriminating’ images on the memory card. Police secured a search warrant and arrested Switzen on a felony charge of unlawful surveillance.

” The complaint filed reads, ‘He intentionally installed a video recording device in a tissue box located in his family’s bathroom to surreptitiously view a person dressing or undressing…at a place and time when (the victim) had a reasonable expectation of privacy without (her) knowledge or consent.’”
This pandemic of perversion has been uniquely suited to the liberal left due to their incessant virtue signaling campaigns, and the distractingly brazen attempts by the American liberal base to paint themselves as champions of the abused and oppressed.
Unfortunately for their litany of victims, these deviant democrats merely projected the air of innocence and equality, utilizing their faux feminism to cover their tracks in what has turned out to be decades of debauchery.

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