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Clueless Leftists Light Lincoln Bust on Fire in Chicago as Skirmishes Loom

It is nearly unfathomable just how dimwitted America’s liberal base can be when it comes to the history of this great nation.

The glaring and ugly errors have become all too easy to recognize in light of the recent Battle of Charlottesville, the first real skirmish in the liberals’ New Civil War.  During the Charlottesville event it was revealed that neo-Nazis like attention, (which we all knew), and that the radical left enjoys confrontational violence.  Now, after the heartbreaking images from Virginia have been relayed throughout our already divided country, certain illicit factions within the left have sprung into action.

Unfortunately, no one has ever explained to them the concept of “look before you leap”.

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Immediate action was taken by the radical left in an attempt to erase the history of the Civil War, the most famous incident coming from Durham, North Carolina where these social justice scoundrels toppled a statue erected in order to honor the Confederate dead.  The reasoning for the destruction seems to be in order for these dimwitted dolts to take selfies with the deposed icon for their social media presence.

In Atlanta, however, the fervor turned idiotic as riotous revelers defeated, and attempted to topple, a monument in Piedmont Park that was erected to promote peace between the newly reunited north and south.

Now it is Chicago’s turn to throw their hat into the ring of ridiculously wrong rhetoric, as vandals lit fire to a nearly 100 year old bust of President Abraham Lincoln.

“Alderman Raymond Lopez took to Facebook Wednesday night to decry a defaced statue of the nation’s 16th president in the Englewood neighborhood. The giant bust appears to have been damaged after someone in the 15th Ward sprayed and ignited a flammable liquid.

“’What an absolute disgraceful act of vandalism. This bust of Abraham Lincoln, erected by Phil Bloomquist on August 31, 1926, was damaged & burned,’ Mr. Lopez wrote, a local NBC affiliate reported. ‘If anyone has any information regarding this act, please contact the police or my office immediately.’

“’F- Abe Lincoln,’ responded Quintin Mitchell, whose comment was ‘liked’ or deemed ‘funny’ by 160 others.”

It seems as though the ignorant liberals involved with the stunt were simply targeting anything to do with the Civil War, no matter the deeds or sacrifices of that individual.

Worse yet, there is a very real possibility that Lincoln’s bust was targeted due to his republican status, an even sadder reminder that Civil War history is not being properly taught by schools north of the Mason Dixon line.

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